Afghan Rapist Gets Migrant Bonus

We’ve been hearing these stories from Europe for years now. But our enlightened progressives keep telling us that Australia is somehow (how?) different:

“Traumatised” refugee punished less for raping his new neighbours

Andrew Bolt

Strange, how “trauma” made the refugee not more compassionate but more cruel.

And stranger still that refugees granted a haven here from violence are punished less for visiting some of that violence on us:

AN Afghan refugee who raped two women within a week in 2008 has won a reduced sentence because of his traumatic upbringing.

Esmatullah Sharifi, 32, was originally sentenced to 14 years jail in April 2012, with a minimum of 11 years, for the rape of two women in late December 2008.  (More)

This is repugnant.

Why must the whole country suffer for the self-righteous indulgence of the Left? The  trauma  of the rape victims counts for less than the assumed trauma of the offender.


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