Another Day, Another Mosque

Who disagrees is a ‘racist redneck’. Leftist scribblers just can’t see the totalitarian when they look in the mirror.

“Majority support city’s first suburban mosque”- claims Adam Davies from the Chronicle

MOST people support plans by Toowoomba’s Muslim community to establish a suburban mosque in the city.

Sixty-six-per-cent of the 700 respondents to a Chronicle online poll voted that a Muslim mosque would be welcomed in Toowoomba.

(I can’t believe people are that clueless.)

Many of the comments on The Chronicle’s website and Facebook page were also in favour of a new mosque.

However, they also raised concerns over how the wider community would react:

  • Good luck to them as long as they obey the law like everyone else.
  • I hope they are given the same opportunities as other religions. Sadly though I do not think this will be the case
  • Sadly, the redneck element in Toowoomba will likely make prejudicial remarks about this topic. Too many xenophobic people in the region.
  • Apologies in advance to our Moslem population for the certain negative comments from the ill-informed great unwashed in our city. Sadly the extremists of any religion bring it into disrepute and none is more evident than in Islam. People seem to forget the extremists in Christianity or the terrible things done in the name of Jesus and focus on the current Islamic extremists. Thank you to the Moslems who have made Toowoomba home.
  • I’m perfectly happy for them, it will be a great time for their community. But please, keep it out of our schools and teach your children to question, reason and the value of evidence

Along with support for the mosque, there were also those who opposed it:

  • I’m not xenophobic, nor am i a redneck, a great put down by the pretentious holier than thou’s to explain away why the silent majority dosent agree with them. A Mosque will be the thin edge of the wedge of a terrorist training ground, as more and more radicals turn up.
  • Not in my neighbourhood ,thanks.

EARLIER: PLANS to establish a mosque in Toowoomba to cater for the growing number of Muslims are well advanced.

The Islamic Society of Toowoomba is the driving force behind the Toowoomba Mosque Project.

Two locations, one at Harristown and another at Rangeville, have been mooted as possible sites.

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