Australistan: immigration becomes colonisation

Andrew Bolt

“Youre not in Australia now”

Immigration becomes colonisation

No wonder a parliamentary inquiry finds great public concern that Muslim immigration in Sydney is more like Muslim colonisation:

THE message from the young men was blunt: ”You’re not in Australia now.”

They weren’t standing on a street in Iraq, Afghanistan or Lebanon. This is Bankstown.

More mosques against jihad?

Like gasoline against fire:

Following his Hamas holiday in the land of jihad, Australia’s Grand Mufti calls for more mosques:

More mosques should be built to stop young Muslims becoming radicalised, Australia’s Grand Mufti has warned …

Seems to be working in Gaza. And Iraq. And Pakistan. And Iran. And especially London.  (Tim Blair)

Eternally paranoid

In Hanson-Young’s case, we need a new, non-carbon term to replace “petrol head”. 


One thought on “Australistan: immigration becomes colonisation”

  1. There is only one way to deal with these islamic loosers who use violent intimidation to cope with the fact that they can never achieve anything useful in their miserable lives – and that is destruction. Deportation just shifts the problem onto someone else. Australia is Australia, and any shitty muslim how thinks otherwise should leave the country now, while it still can. Honestly, why the hell should we support or even listen to violent and stupid muslim trash. It seems that muslims are the seeds of their own destruction.

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