British Muslims Fear Backlash From Today’s Beheading in SW Londonistan

“This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’: What man holding bloody cleaver said after ‘hacking soldier in Help For Heroes T-shirt to death just yards from Woolwich barracks’ (Daily Mail)

“Allahu akbar” nothing to do with Islam!

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The dramatic video obtained by ITV News emerged after terrified eyewitnesses saw two men shot by police marksmen following a machete attack on a serving soldier in Woolwich, south-east London. The two men are thought to have waited at the scene of the attack for 20 minutes, asking people to take photographs of them, until police arrived and then tried to attack them – but were swiftly shot by armed officers, including a woman. They apparently shouted ‘Allah Akbar’, which means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and tried to film the attack, the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson said. Theresa May tonight called a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee in response and Prime Minister David Cameron has cancelled a meeting with French President Francois Hollande to return to London.


Not to worry: Theresa May, the Home Secretary, got right to it.  Her Majesty is being kept informed. Keith Vaz MP, the Labour chairman of the Home Affairs select committee (the what?) babbles stupidly:

“It shows the spirit of London that people are just not prepared to allow an attack of this kind….”

Video filmed by an onlooker and broadcast by ITV News shows a man with his hands covered in blood and holding a bloodied knife and machete. He says in a London accent: “I apologise that women had to witness that, but in our lands our women have to see the same thing.

“You people will never be safe. Remove your Government, they don’t care about you.”

He then walks off, still carrying his weapons, back towards the body of the victim who is lying in the middle of the road.
In other parts of the video, said to be too shocking to show, it is claimed he says: “This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Fred Oyat, who saw the incident from the window of his flat, tells Josie Ensor that two black or Middle Eastern men were wondering around the street, walking over the dead body on the floor:

“The two men were shouting,” he says. “They had three knives including a machete and a meat cleaver as well as an old gun.

“The white man was already dead on the floor, his fade covered in blood. He had a big neck wound and his neck was almost off.”

“They seemed to be encouraging people to take photos and waited there until police arrived as if they wanted a fight.

“There was blood running down the streets. I still can’t stop shaking.”

10 thoughts on “British Muslims Fear Backlash From Today’s Beheading in SW Londonistan”

  1. Start the deportations, if this isn’t a clear warning I don’t know what is.

  2. Be fu**ing worried a backlash will come! Not a supporter of EDL but something needs to change! THIS IS ENGLAND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT F**K OFF! Innocent soldier dead, what have they achieved nothing.. nothing but I suspect arson attacks on mosques, assualts on innocent muslims! They are a shame on your religion and the buck stops with the religion! SORT IT OUT OR WE, US UNITED ENGLISH will.

  3. I have always always fought against racism but today the horror of the evil non humans that cowardly murdered an innocent young British Man in the most cowardly grotesque way has made me have to re think. The labour party allowed too much immigration and the EU court of human rights will not allow us to deport them.
    The government is going to have to do something and quick because there is a storm brewing and has been for a while it could turn into a hurricane that I for one do not want to see. Please deport all hate preachers, terrorist suspects and stop anymore imigration

  4. “It shows the spirit of London that people are just not prepared to allow an attack of this kind….” says Mr Vaz.

    Well if that was the case then how did this happen. He was correct up to and including “people are just not prepared” but what people are not prepared to do is to face this threat but prefer to live in denial.

  5. I don’t understand while they were waiting 20 minutes for the police to show – why someone didn’t grab a car themselves and mowed these bastards down.

  6. The usual drivel being spouted by politicians and the BBC last night, e.g. Boris Johnson, “Our police, the finest in the world will protect us” … failed to notice it had not protected the murdered victim. BBC brought in some talking air heads, a journalist actually stated “Islam is a religion of peace” … sheesh! what has to happen to wake up these cretins?


    Despite the self-proclaimed authorities’ best truth suppression efforts, “British” moslems remain worried that the public might soon become, you know, “aware” of their genocial global imperatives, and might then seek justice and redress (“retaliation; blowback”) for these crimes. How strange!

    Of course, the enemedia insist only racists would want crimes to blow back on their perpetrators!

    “If swarthy people can’t have the right to be mindlessly violent without any concommitant responsibility for their own actions, then what is the world coming to?!” They incessantly instruct and preach at us.

    All criminal extortion tyrannies insist their public victims have no rights to self defense, especially not to any retaliatory deterrant justice!

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