Canada: turns out ‘Diversity Police Chief” Ricky Veerappan is a Koranimal

Which explains his thuggish behaviour:

First he slanders Pamela with lies then he threatens the Jews who give her a forum in their own synagogue. Such corruption and abuse of his position should end his mediocre career forever. If they sack him, he’ll probably go on jihad like Hasan Malik, which the enemedia would then turn into a case of “workplace related violence”.

The behaviour of a Muslim officer with the York Regional Police has, it seems, not only embarrassed the department, but also offended at least some in the Muslim community.

YRP Insp. Ricky Veerappan, who’s in charge of the force’s so-called diversity, equity and inclusion bureau (who dreams up this ridiculous agencies and their self-righteous titles?) apparently didn’t like the idea of a department chaplain, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, inviting controversial American commentator Pamela Geller to address a local synagogue.  (More here or below the fold)

The Muttaween: Religious Police Thugs of Soddy Barbaria

Ezra Levant looks at the morality police who are rounding up woman who dare to show an inch of ankle in Iran and Saudi Arabia and asks why police in Canada are enforcing “morality” here.  (Atlas Shrugs)


YRP Insp. Ricky Veerappan, who’s in charge of the force’s so-called diversity, equity and inclusion bureau (who dreams up this ridiculous agencies and their self-righteous titles?) apparently didn’t like the idea of a department chaplain, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, inviting controversial American commentator Pamela Geller to address a local synagogue.

 Geller is well known in the United States for her criticism of Islamist ideology and her opposition to building an Islamic Community Centre near the former site of the World Trade Center. She’s regularly spoken out against Islamic prohibitions of “blasphemy” and “slander,” which, she says, are used to stymie and censor debate on Islamist fundamentalism.

Veerappan, as some kind of self-appointed Commissar of Speech, opposed  such a person would being allowed to express her views on his patch. Reportedly, he told Kaplan his position with the department would be in question if he didn’t cancel the invitation. He was quoted as saying, “If he did (host Geller), then we’d have to reassess our relation with (Kaplan),” he reportedly said. “Some of the stuff that Ms. Geller speaks about runs contrary to the values of York Regional Police and the work we do in engaging our communities.”

No surprise, the police later issued a statement denying that the rabbi had been “threatened.”

The Ottawa Citizen weighed in on the topic editorially, saying, in part:

This is appalling behaviour for a police officer. Canadians rightly expect police forces to uphold the law, including provisions in the Charter of Rights protecting freedom of speech and assembly. They are not supposed to act as censors at the behest of particular interest group.

 Unfortunately, the Citizen notes, efforts to suppress or curb free speech have become all too common. Journalists Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant were dragged before human rights tribunals by those who objected to their opinions about Islam. A speaking engagement by right-wing commentator Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa was shut down by demonstrators. The Canadian government has tried to keep out George Galloway, a left-wing British politician hostile toward Israel. In Geller’s case, members of York Region’s Muslim community — of which Veerappan is a member — reportedly wanted the immigration minister’s office to keep her out of the country.

Nevertheless, it is gratifying to note that some Muslims are embarrassed by Veerappan’s conduct. Salim Mansur, a University of Western Ontario political scientist, wrote in a letter to YRP police chief Eric Jolliffe:

I am a Muslim … (and) I am appalled that in this day and age we continue to hear regularly how the liberal democratic tradition of Canada and the West is being systematically shredded by institutions sworn to protect it. Free speech is the most fundamental right of a free society; constrain it, strip it, shred it, and then let us not be surprised our society will be turned into a society such as one from where I fled as a young man to find freedom in the West, and I remain ever grateful that Canada took me in and gave me the opportunity to pursue my own dreams …

Similarly, Tarek Fatah, said:

This incident shows the depth of infiltration of Islamists in the police forces, both in Toronto, York Region, as well as the RCMP. One may disagree profoundly with Pam Geller, but the police have no right to shut down speaking events citing hate laws when hate against non-Muslims has become institutionalized in many city mosques where clerics pray for the defeat of non-Muslims at the hands of Muslims.

Veerappan, who happens to be Muslim, told reporters a member of York Region’s Muslim community – naturally, he wouldn’t identify the person (himself?), made police aware of Geller’s scheduled talk.

Geller’s May 13 talk was sponsored by the Jewish Defence League (JDL), which had rented space in Kaplan’s synagogue for the event.

Veerappan apparently told Kaplan Geller’s speech “would not be endorsed by York Regional Police.” (Since when is it up to the police to “endorse” speech?)

Do we have a double standard here? In March, the University of Toronto hosted Muslim lecturer Tariq Ramadan, who many think hides his Islamist inclinations behind a pretense of being a moderate.  The police didn’t disapprove of this.

Ramadan, who has also spoken in Toronto at the annual Islamic faith conference,Reviving the Islamic Spirit, has been described as “a man committed to the goals of worldwide Islamic jihad, as laid out by his mentor Sheikh Qaradawi, and his father, the ‘Trotsky’ of world Islamism, Said Ramadan.”

Ramadan’s grandfather, Hassan Al-Banna, was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2004, as Meira Svirsky, with, observes the United States revoked Ramadan’s visa citing the “ideological exclusion provision” of the U.S.A. Patriot Act. Later, the U.S. formally denied Ramadan’s visa based solely on his actions, which included providing material support to a terrorist organization. (In 2010, then secretary of state Hillary Clinton help Ramadan get a visa and he was allowed to enter the U.S.)

But Ramadan isn’t the only Muslim radical given the freedom to say his or her piece. In October, Pakistani politician Imran Khan, an outspoken critic of the U.S. war on terror, addressed a gathering in Brampton. Leila Khaled, a member of the terrorist organization the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and most infamous for her role in airplane hijackings in 1969 and 1970, is scheduled to speak at University of British Columbia on May 4. (Will the Vancouver Police “endorse” her or not? Surely hijacking airplanes in a criminal offense and, if so, wouldn’t that prevent her from entering Canada? )

Mark Steyn sums the situation with sardonic precision:

I’m tired of being told what I’m allowed to read and hear by statist hacks like Inspector Veerappan. John O’Sullivan likes to call the politically correct British police “the paramilitary wing of The Guardian“. Unfortunately, the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau” would take that as a compliment.

Obviously, the large concern in this little contretemps is the say Canadian institutions are being co-opted — infiltrated, to borrow Fatah’s word –  to promote a particular ideological agenda. Perhaps JDL official Meir Weinstein is close to the truth when he says, “I think the police are turning a blind eye to who they should be keeping an eye on.”

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  2. Anyone on here from Canada, know if the Canadian human rights tribunal has ever brought anyone else before the tribunal for commenting on other religions besides Islam?

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