Craven Dhimmitude: Troops Advised Not to Wear Uniform Outside Bases

PM’s Solution to Workplace Violence: Don’t Wear Uniforms in Public
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Yes, you read that right: “Conservative” Prime Minister David Cameron’s government recommends that serving British soldiers not wear their uniforms outside their bases, to avoid being butchered by fake Muslims.

This is how Britain shows its pride in its soldiers, who serve their country selflessly, risking their lives and limbs in far-off places for the cause of… of… well, something.

Who betrayed Islam?

Clueless Cameron a Craven Suck-Up  (Scaramouche)

His take on the bloody, broad daylight beheading is the same as the Islamists’—that it represents a “misinterpretation” of Islam:

This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life; it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.

There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act,” he said, urging Britons to respond to the attack by going about their normal lives.

With leadership like that, the U.K. is doomed.

There is resistance:

Pro-UK Protesters Clash With Police Following Yesterday’s Horrific Islamist Attack 

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, May 23, 2013,  (GWP)

Dozens of protesters clashed with police in Woolwich, south London on Wednesday night following the brutal killing of a London man in broad daylight by Muslim extremists.

UK Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Blames ‘Murdering’ British Troops For Yesterday’s Terror Attack

Aren’t you glad you pay for this loser’s welfare, UK?

In other news:

Pakistan: Calls for attacks on Christians emanate from Mosque loudspeakers

Tensions high where politician who lost election strives to incite violence.

A Muslim political candidate suspected of murdering a Christian has instigated calls from mosque loudspeakers for attacks on Christians, whom he blames for his May 11 election loss.


Christians face ‘systematic persecution and prosecution’

Iran’s treatment of its Christian minority has come under fresh scrutiny in recent months with some damning verdicts..


9 thoughts on “Craven Dhimmitude: Troops Advised Not to Wear Uniform Outside Bases”

  1. This just made commit by Mullah Lodabullah only exposes the absurd and violent mindset of those who follow the death cult of Islam.

  2. The Quran does teach much violence and murder. Just to give one exampleout of many,in the Quran in Sura 47 are found the teaching that “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers , strike off their heads…” This is just what this Muslim man did to that British soldier
    in London. Nevertheless, there are still people who ,inspite off all the facts, still make the false claim that “Islam is a peaceful religion. ”
    Those people need come out of denial and to wake to the reality of the truth. Which is that Islam is a violent death cult. This has been proven many times over. First, by the many violent teaching that are found in the Quran. Then second ,by the many acts of extreme violence commit by Muslims throughout the world because of their religion. What happen in London is just the most recent example of the outcome or fruits of the violent cult of death. Which is Islam.

  3. The Australian Labor Gov. of Bob Hawk, after representations from Sheik Hilalie representing Sydney’s Occupied Territories, ordered all ADF personnel to not wear their uniforms off base during the first Gulf War as it was insulting to muslims seeing Australian Soldiers on the streets of Sydney.
    Many reports of ADF harassed and insulted by these Assassins brought into Australia under the “Lebanon Concession” implemented by the Whitlam / Fraser Multicultural policy.

    Wives of ADF were not able to hang washing on clothes lines for fear of been identified as ADF and face intimidation and worse from Muslim Assassins.
    Eye witness report of four ADF in uniform assaulted by Mob of Muslim Assassins in Pitt Street Sydney Hilton Hotel Car Park, ADF assaulted filling tank at Gas station in Liverpool .
    Not to mention the 100 plus Muslim gang rapes swept under the carpet by the NSW Labor Government so as to not to make waves or offend Muslims during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
    The list goes on soon we will be told that it’s only one beheading a month and the perps are only a small minority of … blah blah blah

  4. Tommy Robinson (EDL) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack and the English Defence League response

  5. ADF personnel are not to wear uniforms into Liverpool, NSW. Directive handed down from Brigade commander (Holsworthy) in 1999 after several ADF members were accosted by groups of ‘Muslims’ for our role in East Timor.

    Personally any attack on home soil by a*seholes irrespective of their religious motivation should be treated under treason laws and accorded the death penalty.

  6. “Troops advised not to wear uniforms in public…” is similar to advice already being given such as:

    nonmuslim religious institution not to show their religious symbols in muslim countries or where muslims frequent in western places; or Christians not to wear jewelry showing a cross when working or in the public with muslims; or nonmuslims only to eat halal food when in public(schools) or institutions where muslims also frequent…
    or not to criticize muhammad…

    while these supremacists are allowed to criticize, threaten, murder, burn, dress as ghouls, rape, torture, enslave, and cannibalize all in the name of their religion…

    And what of the West, which is willing to respect a supremacist ideology that is not only murderous but totally insane and bankrupt…?

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