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Al Jazeera doesn’t mention Muslims either – but shows plenty.

As Hugh points out the BBC shows footage of the riots in and around Stockholm but doesn’t mention the Muslims.

Al Jazeera, the Islamic TV channel sent their English language section to report. They don’t mention the Muslims either. But they show plenty.  (Esmerelda Weatherwax)

They also point out that Husby is NOT a slum; it is a new estate on which a great deal of Swedish money has been spent to provide health centres, youth clubs, a baby clinic and the like.

The BBC Mentions Riots In Stockholm, But Not A Word About Muslims  by Hugh Fitzgerald

See here.

Useful Idiots

Texas Mega-Church Welcomes Islamists to ‘Global Faith Forum’

Even a former Saudi intelligence chief is coming.(by  Ryan Mauro »)

Headscarf ban victims tell stories of discrimination on website


The website’s editor, Halil Çiçekfidan, said he created the website to draw greater attention to the headscarf ban issue through the shared experiences of the ban’s victims.

“Workplace Violence”

Columbia Prof: WWII-Era Zionists Colluded with Nazis

Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad is blind to reality?

“There are some ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them” (George Orwell)

Walid Shoebat Knocks The Dottle Out Of Pipes

Islam Vs. Islamism: A Case for Wishful Thinkers

A rebuttal to Daniel Pipes’ Washington Times op-ed on the question of “moderate Islam.”