Devout Muslim Prayed Before Stabbing French Soldier in the Neck

The MO of the historical assassins. They sure knew how to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemies….’

PARIS MUSLIM PRAYED Before Stabbing French Soldier in the Neck

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, May 27, 2013 GWPA French soldier on patrol in Paris was stabbed in the throat on Saturday by a (Musel-)man believed to be of North-African origin.

cedric cordier23-year-old French soldier Cédric Cordier, who was stabbed in the neck while on anti-terrorist patrol at La Défense in Paris on Saturday May 25th. (The Local)

The Muslim suspect in the knife attack on a French soldier was seen praying in a train before the attack.
The Local reported, via Religion of Peace:

Cordier’s partner, Amélie, told RTL radio on Sunday that the stab wound had come terrifyingly close to being lethal.

“It was just two centimetres away from his carotid artery,” she said.

French authorities are reportedly close to identifying the suspect who stabbed the French soldier.

2 thoughts on “Devout Muslim Prayed Before Stabbing French Soldier in the Neck”

  1. The military war on Terror is already won. The Islamic world is on its knees before us. We can do what want, when and where we want, and they can do nothing about it. Attacks such as at Woolwich and Fort Hood, are merely the last gasp of a defeated enemy, like a few Japanese kamikaze fighters in the jungles of Malaysia. What we have to do now is to win the peace.

    Muslims and the Islamic world know that they have lost the military war. Islam has been defeated militarily, which is not what Allah promises – this is a body blow. We are now in the process of making sharia states for them. This is quite deliberate, as we wish Muslims in Islamic countries to get a full dose of sharia, and see if they like it.

    Hearts and minds have to be won. Some can be won by reason and love, and some will be won over by experience. “Sharia” is the experience.

    In the meantime, in the West itself, smile and be kind and compassionate to hard working and civilized Muslims you see on the street. They must be under severe mental pressure, I have no doubt of it. Total Victory is never achieved until one has conquered the heart and mind of the enemy.

    Hate has never conquered the hearts and minds of the enemy. Love though conquers all. Therefore a two pronged strategy, one that combines the military might of the West, combined with reason and compassion, is the best way.

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