“Fear is widespread among Muslims…”

Muselmaniacs are victims of infidel terror!

“Fear is widespread among Muslims,” says Fiyaz Mughal, director of the Tell Mama (Measuring anti-Muslim attacks) project. There has been a very large spike in abuse, attacks and assaults on Muslims since Woolwich.

‘Muslims are free of guilt. We had to condemn this killing’

Julie Siddiqi, of the Islamic Society of Britain, in WoolwichAfter Friday prayers, at the scene of last Wednesday’s dreadful murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, Julie Siddiqi laid a bunch of flowers. “It was hard not to cry, especially when the imam raised his hands in prayer at the moment we laid the flowers,” she said afterwards. (Shelina Janmohamed )

Many attacks have gone unreported to authorities but witnessed and reported on social media platforms including a women having a veil ripped from her face.

There goes another perfectly good BS meter!

“The community has so much pride in being British,” says Esmat Jeraj, assistant secretary general for the Council of European Jamaats (congregations).

“Don’t worry. We’re not wishing for the government to be abolished or sharia to be imposed. We want people to know more about Muslims. We want to play our part.”

I’m sure they will.  Play their part. They will keep breeding relentlessly and bring in  millions of their coreligionists from the villages in Pokistan and  the Maghreb. And they will keep lying about Islam until it is too late. (More)

Mind-boggling efficiency:

UK police arrest three more Muslims in jihad murder of soldier

A widening jihad plot. “UK police arrest 3 more men in soldier’s slaying,” by Sylvia Hui for the Associated Press, May 25 (thanks to JW)

UK jihad murderer had been held in Kenya for jihad activity, deported to Britain

Where he was able to roam free on the streets with a meat cleaver. “British soldier murder suspect had been held in Kenya,” from AFP, May 26

Paul Weston EDL Radio May 24 2013

3 thoughts on ““Fear is widespread among Muslims…””

  1. After the barbaric act war by followers of a medieval cult on London’s streets you could have put money on the fact that our cowardly government,media(BBC especially) and any tom,dick or abdul would slither from under their stones to deflect and exonerate the moslem faith.Adding to that act of treachery,we get the lies that attacks on moslems has increased hundred fold and this again as we all know is aimed portraying that islam is not the cause….yeah right.

    Again we see our fine police forces rush into action to….arrest a pensioner for ”racial” abuse,when has moslems been a race,and 2 men for abuse on face book YET islamic extremist sites are still active and moslems can march down our streets demanding our execution for insulting a paedophile, yes i feel really safe now.

    It’s time the arseholes in charge took action against these animals not protect them and there outdated ”faith” because if not the great Enoch Powell ”rivers of blood” speech will come a reality not just words.

  2. Has anyone noticed that whenever some outrageous Muslim terrorist attacks takes place, dead and dying in the tens, the backlash always seems to take the form of Muslim women having their niqabs tugged. Is that all the backlash? Were these niqab pulling incidents investigated by the police, and why not?

    Or is that Muslim propagandists realize that such trivial incidents will never be investigated, and thus can be used for propaganda without contradiction.

  3. yeah, I have noticed that the moslems ‘fear’ the pulling of their trash bags. And they only wail and whine when their murdering scumbuckets get killed and nothing is done, or cared about, for the real victims of moslem’s violence. I am so sick and tired of their wailing and whining when people look at them cross-eyed. And also the fake ‘we condemn this terrorist act’, when in fact islam teaches it and encourages it.

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