France: the victim is an ‘anti-terror’ soldier

French Muslims fear ‘backlash’ over attack on French soldier

Upgrade your BS-meter!

‘Anti-Terror’ Soldier Stabbed in Throat in Paris…

A French Soldier (in uniform) was attacked in Paris while conducting his “anti-terrorist” duties. The soldier’s throat was stabbed by a knife wielding man described by police as “bearded, of North African origin and wearing a light coloured jihab’ under a jacket.”

Fears were raised shortly after an attack in Woolwich London that there would be copy-cat attackers.  The assailant “He pounced on the 23-year-old soldier outside a Virgin store in La Defence, the business district of the city which was packed with Saturday afternoon shoppers.”


2 thoughts on “France: the victim is an ‘anti-terror’ soldier”

  1. Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh bloody “backlashophobia”! ENOUGH ALREADY!

    However, with the new “laws” (anti-French) devised by the ghastly anti-white racist, France hater and islamophile “Minister for Justice” (Christine Taubira) nothing will happen to the Arab/muslim who obviously can’t even manage to “decapitate properly” as the Koran commands him.

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