“Grand Mufti” threatens Oz: more mosques… or else!

More Mosques Against Islamic Terror? The terror comes from the mosques:

UK jihad murderer given weeks of Islamic training by Woolwich mosque, he returned more “radicalized” than ever

‘More traditional mosques needed’: Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed

MORE mosques should be built across the country to stop young Muslims becoming radicalised, Australia’s Grand Mufti has warned.  (Perth Now)

626045-grand-mufti-ibrahim-abu-mohamed“People need to understand a mosque is not a source of threat,” says Australia’s Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed.

Islamic youths are increasingly turning to backyard prayer halls and “mini mosques” where self-styled imams are teaching extreme doctrine because there are not enough traditional centres to cater for them, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed said.

The frequent rejection of building applications not only meant the number of mosques can’t keep pace with the growing needs of the faith, but also led to increasing isolation and anger among Muslims who felt they were being rejected by the public.

Money no object. But where is that money coming from?

Dr Ibrahim said his long-term vision, along with that of the Australian National Imams Council, was to build mosques large enough to accommodate gyms, lecture halls and facilities for women and children.

Da’awaa, the call to submit:

They would also be open to non-Muslims as a means of promoting engagement with the wider community and removing the fear of the “unknown”.

“People need to understand a mosque is not a source of threat,” Dr Ibrahim said.

More mosques, more terror. Fact vs taqiyya, religiously mandated lying.

“A mosque is not a radicalising factor. A mosque is a source of security. A person who has a connection to a mosque is also a person who is law-abiding, who is respectful to others.

“Law abiding” in this context means sharia. The mosque is to shelter muslims from infidel persecution.

“If you look at the percentage of Muslims in Australia and you look at the number of churches and mosques in terms of representation, there is a vast difference. There are a lot of churches based on the percentage of Christians, but on the percentage of Muslims there are not enough mosques to cater to their needs.”

This guy sounds as if Muslims were already in the majority.

But local councils were preventing the balance from being restored, with numerous development applications ending up in ugly court battles.

Resisting Islam calls for jihad.

“Any rejection of any mosque or Islamic school, that actually has a large impact on the general Muslim community,” Dr Ibrahim said. “Many elements in the Muslim community would feel the general Australian public is against us, the government or the country is rejecting us, and it creates a feeling of isolation, which leads people to live in ghettos and basically further isolate themselves from the wider community, and this is wrong.

”We have sent you forth to all mankind” (Q. 34:28). If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this call (dawa) can be pursued peacefully. If they do not, Muslims are obliged to wage war against them. In Islam, peace requires that non-Muslims submit to the call of Islam, either by converting or by accepting the status of a religious minority (dhimmi) and paying the imposed poll tax, jizya.

The infidels need to submit to Islamic mores:

“We need to be engaging and communicating with each other much more. There needs to be a lot more efforts to understand each other.”

Islam hit the headlines last week, with a British soldier murdered on a London street and an accused Sydney rioter refusing to stand for a magistrate.

Dr Ibrahim said the “weight” was now on Muslims around the world to put the religion back into a “positive light”. He said the Boston marathon bombings which killed three people were the actions of “evil” men, not religious ones.

They were very religious.

“That radicalism is a human phenomenon that happens regardless of race, colour of skin and creed. It’s just blind rage, if you will.

BS on steroids. Despicable.

“There is nothing justified in the acts of this person. It was a person who was angry, acting in this way.

Yes there was. Islam.

“There are a lot of people out there who would think all of Islam is like this and all Muslims think in this way.

“These terrorist attacks are alien to the traditional Islamic understanding and it will put more weight and responsibility on Muslims to put Islam in a positive light again and clear Islam of the tainting that has been happening.”

Shut your lying mouth, mufti!

In relation to the case of Mohammed Issaka, who cited religious reason for refusing to stand for magistrate Jacqueline Milledge, Dr Ibrahim said the behaviour was a “misunderstanding”.

No. It wasn’t. We see this behaviour everywhere.

While being careful not to comment on the man himself due to the ongoing court case, he said it was obvious there had been a confusion between religious customs and social customs.

“It’s something we need to respect and uphold. “It is exactly the same as a traffic light. If it’s red you have to stop, it’s not a matter of stopping only for God.”

He added that in his 35 years studying Islam, he has never “come across anything like that” or anyone who has taught that interpretation.

We will see more of it, a lot more. With every mosque there will be more.

7 thoughts on ““Grand Mufti” threatens Oz: more mosques… or else!”

  1. How could I have been so wrong? Of course; more mosques, more muslims, more dawa, more taqiya = less terrorism! How amazingly simple(minded).

    Isn’t it past due for boats full of muslims to be leaving Oz? They don’t need a destination, just get them the hell past the territorial limit and make sure the current is running somewhere else. Maybe Antartica.

  2. What a liar. Both recent terror attacks (America & England) were committed by good mosque going Muslim men. I think you would be surprised Mr Mufti if you knew exactly how many real Australians know precisely what goes on in your mosques. Bigotry, racism, misogyny and Islamic supremacy and the violence inherent in Islam would be my educated guess. Yes Mr Mufti “educated” because it is not brain surgery to be able to read and interpret your unholy books

  3. No more mosques! If this lying sack of garbage wants more mosques then send him to live with the saudies. Piss off now!

  4. I agree more Mosques should be built across Sydney but also the Muslims will have to stand up to the Government who is very anti religious and no matter what land you will buy you will have the usual story put over too much traffic. What has to been seen and should have been investigated as to who was behind the stopping of an Islamic |School at Camden and who paid all the court expenses etc. Hillsong had the same problem at Rosebery but these rent a crowd so called action groups are usually a very rough badly groomed people who would be getting money from somewhere as they all look like welfare recipients. Some bring very untidy children with them who do not even know what they are objecting about. Stand up for your schools and churches. I still feel land should be donated by the NSW government for Islamic Schools and Mosques and also Hillsong who both have problems in the Sydney areas. I think to have a Church or Mosque built next door would do nothing but bring blessings to the street.

  5. I still cannot understand how Kate McCulloch and her Camden bigot friends along with Camden Council and other parts of Sydney that rejected Islamic Schools in their area were not charged under the Anti-Discrimination Act. You will never see a Christian or Jewish School or Church rejected on any grounds. It may be unknown amongst a lot of Islamic residents now of Sydney that the Eastern Suburbs Hospital at Queens Park was closed and it was a wonderful Hospital and handed over to Moriah College. What would have happened if an Islamic School or Hillsong wanted that site.

  6. It may be unknown amongst a lot of Muslim residents now of Sydney that the Eastern Suburbs Hospital at Queens Park was closed and it was a wonderful Hospital and handed over to Moriah College. What would have happened if an Islamic School or Hillsong wanted that site.

  7. taxpayer,
    Nearly all non-muslims pay tax – most muslims do not.. While we are on about the Camden council rejecting islamic schools, why don’t you charge your muslim friends in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and every muslim country for the same offense when a permit for a non-muslim school or institute is lodged. Do not throw stones if you live in a glass house. BTW these people are not bigots because they do not want you parasites nearly – they are mere prudent!! Your own behavior has led to the contempt of muslims in the general community. If you were reasonable and decent then there would be no friction between muslims and others, but muslims are vile despicable leeches and then point is reinforced by your post where it is clear that you are completely unable to see that it is you who are the problem, and not non-muslims. You are the most vile group on this planet and this statement is reinforced on a daily behavior by muslim behavior. Now get lost.

    A church is a blessing – a mosque is a terror center – not my view but that of documented history.

    This site is not a vehicle for muslims to launch their inane complaints and attempt to build lobby groups. I think that we should think about constructing mechanisms to prevent the abuse of this site as demonstrated by “taxpayer” [wow – he pays tax – oops we all do so NO BIG DEAL].

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