‘Islam and Japan’– about that viral e-mail…..

This is from BNI. Its far more realistic than these other e-mails floating around cyber space.

There is a popular email going around that reveals how difficult the Japanese make it for Islam to take hold in Japan. Having lived in Japan some time ago, I have a bit of personal insight to add. So before you consider packing up and running off to Japan, take note of the following: here

 Dr. Mordechai Kedar is  a good man.

But this here is wishful thinking:



More here.

3 thoughts on “‘Islam and Japan’– about that viral e-mail…..”

  1. Durn it, you’d think the tribalist isolationist Japanese would have learned something from their own last stint of “divine” emperor-worshipping kamikaze suicide cult involvement.

  2. I’m no fan of Islam but that chain letter needs to be smashed – along with all others – and not by the usual crowd that is always whinging about “right-wing chain emails” either.

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