Just One More Lie From Mehdi Hasan Of PuffHo

The Nonsense About Muslim Cooperation With The Authorities, And Just One More Lie From Mehdi Hasan Of Huffington Post UK

By Hugh Fitzgerald


“The best way to prevent violent extremism is to work with the Muslim American community – which has consistently rejected terrorism – to identify signs of radicalization, and partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting towards violence.” Also sprach Obama yesterday.

“Remember: the Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was thrown out of his local mosque after lashing out at the imam for praising Martin Luther King in his Friday sermon” — Mehdi Hasan in a Guardian article .


And this crazed idea has been echoed by Cameron and by Clegg, in the general despairing degringolade all over the Western world where, confronted with the millions of Muslims — busily procreating, tirelessly proselytizing, limitlessly clever in presenting themselves as victims and as worthy of support in every possible Infidel way — they simply don’t know what to do, but above all want to keep pretending that somehow if they say Islam is peaceful and non-violent and, properly understood, not a threat to anyone, that Muslims themselves will ignore what is in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, will forget what Muhammad was like, will drop their deep-seated belief that the world belongs to Allah, that all the world ultimately should be part of one Dar al-Islam, and that Musilms have a duty to participate, communally or in some circumstances individually, directly or indirectly, in the Jihad to remove all obstacles to the spread of Islam, until it everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere.

In the general rush to pretend that there is nothing troubling or frightening about the ideology of Islam, and that Muslims are almost to a man — save for a handful of demented extreme extremists — fine, wonderful, trustworthy — we keep being told how Muslims are our first line of defense, for it is they who, we are led to believe, are eager to, ready and willing to, monitor other Muslims for the first signs of that crazy behavior, having nothing to do with Islam, that Muslims and Muslims alone exhibit.

It’s all nonsense. There are paid informers, and some of them, not out of sympathy, are on the regular payroll — and what a good living so many Muslims are making claiming to monitor other Muslims.

Shouldn’t we ask ourselves, by the way, why we only need informers to monitor what goes on among Muslims? In any case, there have been practically no examples of Muslims sua sponte reporting on any signs of “extremism.” I know of only one case, where five Muslims left America to join the Taliban in Pakistan, and did not notify their parents, and the parents, alarmed that their sons might be killed, then went to the sinister group CAIR to tell them. And CAIR, which works day and night to keep Muslims from volunteering information to the FBI, and that campaigns for all Muslims to “know their legal rights” and to contact CAIR should the FBI come a-calling, was in a quandary. For having been informed by these Muslims, the CAIR people were not sure that the parents would not go to the government anyway, and furthermore, CAIR must worry now about a deliberate set-up by the FBI to test whether CAIR would indeed relay information. And in that case, in that single solitary case, CAIR did not prevent the parents from telling the FBI about their missing sons who had gone off to become martyrs in Pakistan, or possibly Afghanistan.

The other day Mehdi Hasan asserted, in a piece in The Guardian, that members of the Boston mosque had thrownTamerlan Tsarnaev “out of the mosque” after criticizing the local imam for praising Martin Luther King in his khutba (Friday sermon). That is false. Tsarnaev was never “thrown out of the mosque.” He had, on two occasions, taken issue with what was said in passing at the mosque.  He did this, first, when at Friday Prayers the imam of the local mosque (not in Boston but in Cambridge, on Prospect Street, a few blocks from Norfolk Street where Tsarnaev lived) apparently praised Martin Luther King. Tsarnaev was islamically correct in saying that praise was due only to Muslims, never to a non-Muslim. Apparently, Tsarnaev didn’t realize that the mosque on Prospect Street likes to proselytize among the blacks who live nearby, and praise of Martin Luther King would be a way to their hearts and minds. The second outburst occurred when someone at the mosque suggested at Friday Prayers that it would be okay for  Muslims to celebrate, or pretend or seem to celebrate, Thanksgiving, in order better to outwardly fit in, in a country where Muslims know they are 1% of the population, are not popular, and are being observed. America is not Western Europe. Indeed, in one of the Boston Globe articles about the mosque, someone — possibly the imam — said that Tsarnaev didn’t understand the “American Islamic” version of Islam that was being offered. In other words, Tsarnaev, being by this time a True Believer, and knowing it is impermissible for Muslims to celebrate any Infidel holiday, or even to wish Infidels good wishes on their own holidays, was outraged — and again, Tsarnaev was correct in his understanding of Islamic doctrine. What he failed to understand was the cunning of those who were willing, given the doctrrine of Darura or Necessity, (for example, a starving Muslim might be allowed to eat pork) the Muslims running the Cambridge mosque were willing, in very tiny insignificant ways, to make comprommises — either because such compromises would be useful in proselytizing a particular community (as with praise of M. L. King) or in helping to misleadd unwary Infidels about the willingness or ability of Muslims to fit in, as by the seeming participation in Thanksgiving.

The imam at the mosque, and other members too, admitted that both incidents passed quickly, and, that Tsarnaev was never expelled from the mosque, as Mehdi Hasan claims above. And most  importantly, no one at the mosque had informed the local police, or the FBI, or any other authorities, that Tsarnaev exhibited behavior that suggested he really did take Islam fully to heart and was not a compromiser in any respect (for Tsarnaev didn’t realize that the imam was not giving up his Muslim principles, but merely cleverly adjusting them to the circumstances of American life, and what he had to do to proselytize, and to help members of the mosque seem outwardly to fit in) that he was someone to watch. The reason why the Muslims at the mosque had, this time, to tell the truth, the reason why they could not say that they had expelled him when they hadn’t, the reason they did not dare to claim, as they no doubt would have liked to, that they “had reported Tsarnaev’s outbursts to the authorities” is that they are now smart enough to know that   the police and the FBI kept records, and that neither had any records of such reports or complaints. So they couldn’t get away with what, no doubt, early on, some may have tried, cunningly, to suggest — or did not contradict others who suggested that there had been this tremendous brouhaha in the mosque with Tsarnaev.. followed by his being expelled. There never was, and he never was.

But thjat doesn’t stop Mehdi Hasan from lying, for he’s a sly Defender of the Faith.

It’s not the most disgusting part of his article. The most disgusting part of his article is, I think, this:

“Perversely, it was the non-Muslim Cub Scout leader who, in trying to save the soldier’s life, and standing up to his alleged attackers, was acting in accordance with Koranic principles”

Try, for disgustingness,  to top that. .

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  1. The West is polarized between people who recognize Islam as an existential treat (the truth) and are willing to fight, and appeasers who think that the Muslims have already won and just want protection by befriending a group of Muslims, like we see at HuffPo. Pretty soon Ariana Huffington will start wearing a hijab and marrying her daughters to polygamous Muslims 🙂

    Once again the guy at Acts17Apologetics has come out with a viral video exposing how the Quran justifies the actions of the Woolwich Beheaders, and how Muslim jihadists can’t be reasoned or negotiated with any more than the Terminator.

    Help spread it:

  2. Mehdi Hasan is a typical Muslim talking head – he pretends to be reasonable and tolerant, but it was always going to be a matter of time before his mask slipped, now it has. Cameron and his fools buy into this type of Muslim smoke and mirrors tactic, what none of them (including Hasan) realise is that we in the UK are no longer fooled by it.

    Muslims are not ready and willing to monitor other Muslims – it is an anathema to them and Islam itself. That is why the Prevent strategy failed from the beginning, and any new tactic Cameron uses is doomed to fail, because none of these useless politicians is willing to go the extra mile and actually enforce it by standing up to the Islamoloons once and for all. It is no wonder that ordinary decent Brits are angry and are coming to the end of their patience. They have been sidelined and ignored for years. They were never consulted about open borders and mass immigration, yet ordinary Brits have to bear the brunt of the influx of an ominous mass of Muslim immigration, while being stopped from protesting about it, and speaking truth to power. No more.

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