Libtard Logic

ABC troll  Laurie Oakes:

For Okie, the ‘middle’ is far left. In the real world,  a guy who’s always wrong on everything is called a loser. Here in Oz we suffer people like that on TV.

“Who would buy something that makes no money?”

Well, us. We pay more than $1,000,000,000 every year for something Laurie rates as a financial zero, despite more than eight decades of ABC prominence.  (Tim Blair: STILL WORTHLESS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS)

Its our fault that we’re being invaded:

One 13-year old brat makes us all ‘racist?’

No Ni99as? Too white to watch:

  • Too white to watchTVdominated by rich white folks battling rich white folk problems…

That’ll Work: More Mosques Against Islamic Terror

MORE mosques should be built across the country to stop young Muslims becoming radicalised, Australia’s Grand Mufti has warned.

“People need to understand a mosque is not a source of threat,” Dr Ibrahim said.

2 thoughts on “Libtard Logic”

  1. Does Clementine Ford think another old TV show – ‘The Cosby Show’ – was ‘awful’ and ‘racist’? That was one show where (I think I can safely say this) you would never, ever see a white face. But that’s OK, isn’t it, Clementine, because only white folks are ever racist?

  2. I’m not familiar with this crybaby athlete. Was it a soccer/football game? (I’m a Texan) Why can’t he just get on down the field and play ball? The whole world has to stop and we all have to get our panties in a wad over one comment from a teenage girl? Grow some skin, Mohammed. Seriously?

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