Me too, sez KRudd

My KRuddness!

The state-run media gives this empty suit airtime because he  ‘changed his mind” on homosexual depravity.

Its idiotic, vulgar and obscene how these cretins use  their taxpayer funded positions to ram homo marriage down our throats.

KRudd, who was once the PM of Australia,  won an election with  repeating “working families”  20 times in 5o second soundbites. In a sane Australia, KRudd would be locked up in a closed institution. This is a guy who couldn’t yell “me too” loud enough when Michelle “Mooch” Obama planted a veggie patch on the white house lawn; this guy told Australians that “climate change” (before it was called “climate justice”)  was “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time”,  (that was before Juliar G-lard made us bleed for it, and he “doesn’t agree” with the leftist and Muslim rabble that attacks Max Brenner chocolate shops, (but don’t wait for him to do anything about it.)



Without allowing any opposing views, the news hounds jumped right onto potty mouthed Penny Wong, our progressive  (lesbian) moral guardian.


Senator Wong said “this sort of bigotry really has no place in modern Australia”.

Now you know.

Now that’s news down under.


Oklahoma. That didn’t take long:


The warmy swarm is on.  (Tim Blair)

Oklahoma gives Obamabots a breather:

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