More backlashophobia and babbling about “insults” from the usual suspects…

Muslims in UK express anxiety that Wednesday’s attack in London could generate further Islamophobic reprisals by domestic far-right groups: Islamic terror denial at Ahram Online

Curry Princess: “incredibly impressed”


The British cabinet’s sole Muslim member, Baroness Sayeed Warsi, said she had been “incredibly impressed” by the way the Muslim community had condemned the killing.–More incredible impressions at The Irish Times (Mullah)

 Richard Littlejohn unimpressed:

 … If you want to know where the killers got their ideas from, look no further that those nutjobs who were allowed to march through London waving placards reading: ‘Behead all those who insult Islam.’ Meanwhile, foreign terrorists like Abu Qatada are given food and lodging and legal aid in Britain thanks to the Yuman Rites Act. We appear powerless to kick them out. …  MailOnline

“Don’t tarnish a whole bunch of genocidal lunatics because of two murdering zombies…”

Newham Muslim leaders condemn Woolwich attacks: “Don’t tarnish a whole community because of two criminals”

Pedo Watch

Mehdi Hasan, you lying f*kc:

Telegraph publishes falsehoods about Qur’an in attempt to clear Islam of responsibility for London jihad murder

Note what Mehdi Hasan leaves out of his Qur’an quotation. “The Muslim faith does not turn men to terror: The two suspects in the Woolwich killing were violating the doctrine of their own holy book,” by Mehdi Hasan in the Telegraph, May 23

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  1. The so-called “far-right” groups will only retaliate against islamic crime and the muslim criminals that enact it once they become the government, and even then only by applying the existing laws against crimes and crime syndicates, which are currently not being enforced.

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