Mohammedan spokesturd Asghar Bukhari blames murdered British soldier for his own beheading

That’s al BeBeeCeera for you, folks: by giving MPACUK’s Asghar Bukhari a soapbox for his dreck they can no  longer pretend  not being complicit to the Mohammedan expansion project:

Shocking BBC News Report Justifying MPAC’s Sanction of Bloody Beheading of Young Man on Suburban London Street   (Pamela Geller)

Watch the BBC response to a young man who was hacked to death, beheaded on a London suburb street.  MPACUK’s Asghar Bukhari on Woolwich Attack — railing against the British. We are subjected to fallacious and vicious grievance mongering by Islamic supremacist Asghar Bukhari to justify this monstrous slaughter. Instead of having the learned Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq on to explain the jihadic doctrine, they have a vicious Islamic supremacist attacking Britain. It is just jaw-dropping. The disconnect is stupefying. The Taliban’s savage campaign of jihad, whether it’s poisoning girls’ schools, beheading more moderate Muslims, punitive penalties for women not shrouded in a cloth coffin, death for blasphemy, etc. is sanctioned, but the coalition to free the enslaved and bring the killers to justice –  that is reason enough to slaughter people in the streets.

This is the BBC Islam division. Freedom in the UK is an archaic relic relegated to the dustbin of a once glorious past.

Here’s the thing — they give this savage mouthpiece a platform, respect and deference but they will tear apart and destroy the champions of freedom in the UK like my colleagues Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll.

4 thoughts on “Mohammedan spokesturd Asghar Bukhari blames murdered British soldier for his own beheading”

  1. Oi, what an attack on my religion Islam!!! These savages aka soldiers blow off childrens heads in Iraq, Afghanistan…they call it casualties of war . I call it savage murder in the name of so called ‘peace keeping’. Like the thousands of mothers in Muslim countries get over watching their daughters get brutally raped and their toddlers get their heads shot off by your heroic soldiers…get over the beheading of your one soldier. Doesn’t feel good when someone comes into your country to murder you…does it? Get your soldiers out of our Muslim lands you savage Christian fundamentalists

  2. If this were Twitter…#asgharbhukari…tell them brother….they just can’t bear the truth. expose people to extreme oppression and you will get an extreme response. As awful as that act was, those blokes said Exactly why they did it. Can’t ignore the political motivation. They stood up for muslims as the world stood up against the Germans in protection of the Jewish people…Funny how hypocritical whites can be. Kill them on their hone turf, its called savage murder. They go kill people in Muslim country’s, its called collateral damage. How they de-humanise us…like only their life has value. Like only their families feel the pain of a murdered son, daughter, father,mother,cousin,grandparents…this may Come as a shock to you…muslims mourn, muslims rise up in the face of oppression, Muslims fight back, Muslims feel for other Muslims in war

  3. @ Shamien: You are obviously confused. They are not YOUR lands, the lands belong to the Afghan people and to them only. Muslim thugs, coming to Afghanistan from all over the world to oppress and takeover the country permanently, and by ruthless self-serving force, are the only foreign invaders there. If it wasn’t for them there would be no need for the Afghanistan people to request our troops for protection until their own people have learned to protect themselves against your Muslim invaders’ savagery. And for your information, the raping and beheading of the good Afghan people is being conducted by your Muslim imperialist brothers, not by our troops.

  4. shamiem,

    In every case where our people are dying to protect you ungrateful and illiterate morons, it is because your governments have asked us for help. As far as muslim casualties are concerned, the vast, VAST, majority are inflicted by other muslims. Unlike you muslims we have never indulged in raping or beheading – that is a trait that defines muslims.. Rarely a few of our troops behave like muslims and hurt innocents deliberately – and they are punished severely. In comparison, muslim ghouls applaud psychotic murderous behavior – I guess you want to be like mohammed.. We do not want to be in Afghanistan – we came only because YOUR representatives asked for help after Pakistan allowed the taliban to invade Afghanistan after the USSR left.. Stupidly we also protected the Bosnian muslims, although it appears now that our leaders stupidly ignored the Croat reasons for removing muslims and we should have supported them instead. We have come to the aid of you scum so often and I, for one, will refuse to help any muslim again – particularly after seeing a muslim piece of shit even try to justify a brutal murder in order to save face. You are worth NOTHING!!!

    Now a lesson in history – Muslims never helped the Jews escape the Nazis in WW2 – Never – although their may have been one of two acts of kindness by people of the muslim faith, the claim that muslims supported the Jewish people in their hour of need is a blatant and dishonest lie. An entire battalion of SS in Poland were muslims whose job was to exterminate Polish Jews and Poles. With friends like that who needs a enemy.The Grand Mutt of Egypt openly supported the Nazis and persecuted the Jews within his reach. On the other hand. you muslims did precious little to support any country in all world wars, despite your self-flagellation in claiming to have done so.

    But thank you so much for demonstrating how evil and worthless muslims like you really are.

    P.S Did you even know you have a brain?? No?? I didn’t think so.


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