3 thoughts on “Muslim element in gang rape cases ignored by UK govt”

  1. Sad as it is, it is correct that any ideology that preaches women are ‘inferior in intelligence’, and considers women’s role in the world to be slaves and wombs, is not going to respect any womens right to say with whom she wants to have sex.
    Add to this a 14th century culture that considers anyone over the age of pubity a women, and you are going to have child sex slaves.
    This is not actually pedophilic behaviour, they prefer children before the age of pubity.
    Leaving asside any consideration of we would all like to do to these bastards, teaching boys that rape is normal is itself a crime.
    The mosques should be held accountable.

  2. Agreed Georgina, but that will not happen unless the media and government are swamped with requests to do so. The best weapon we have is a pen!

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