Muslim Leader: France Owes Us Everything!

The world belongs to allah and his profit. Move over, kafirs! Let the  soldiers of allah take their rightful place:

Abdallah Ben Mansour, A Leader Of Muslims In France: France Owes Us Everything

Watch this extraordinary performance, these crazed assertions, this supremacism capper-clawed by the Muslim crowd, this frightening farrago of nonsense and lies, here. And send this particular MEMRI TV clip to everyone you know. …Read More…
In other news:

French MP Warns of “Civil War” and “Islamist Assassins … a Fifth Column Present in All the Suburbs of Europe”

“Let us look reality in the face. If not, the worst is to be feared in future. Civil war is waiting for us.”--  Jacques Myard, an MP in the UMP party  (IvsEU)

Thousands in Paris March Against Homo Marriage

‘It Brought Tears to Our Eyes’– We go to France a lot and thought it was another left wing protest.”–Read More »
‘It Brought Tears to Our Eyes’: American Describes Witnessing Thousands in Paris March Against Gay Marriage“Counter Revolution”
Génération identitaire Occupies Roof of Socialist-Party Headquarters   Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

In France a mass demonstration (or series of demonstrations) is being held today called “Manif Pour Tous” [Demonstration for Everyone]. In essence, it’s a protest against the recently-approved gay marriage bill, but its significance transcends that. This single, seemingly trivial issue has led to a crystallisation of conservative forces in the country, in a way not seen in decades. It has been compared  in significance (even by a horrified Le Monde) to the left-wing ’68 movement, but in reverse; a kind of counter-revolution. It remains to be seen whether it will have long-term effects on the politics of the country, and on issues that are more important.

Gotta love this quote about it:

A far-right commando team has taken the Socialist party headquarters by assault!

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