No-Go Zones in Australia? But of course!

Note how the smug ‘social demographer Marc McGrindell’ sings the praises of cultural diversity, the benefits of multiculti, in a way that totally ignores reality. People like him make a good living on fantasies like “60% of our people come from overseas”, as if all people were the same and if the 600 pound gorilla in the room, the soldiers of allah and the Islamic jihad didn’t matter at all.

Vlad Tepes:

Australian TV clip appears to tell at least part of the truth about contemporary immigration issues

2 thoughts on “No-Go Zones in Australia? But of course!”

  1. Why are they complaining? They did vote Labour even after they knew what Labour had done in the UK.

  2. Thank You. I am an Islamophobic racist misogynist git, & proud of it. I just was not sure anyone else was. My only question is why is Hussein O’Bama so upset about Syrians killing other Syrians? (He is an Irish Catholic Islamist from Nairobi- isn’t he? Nothing else makes sense.) Why not give the Syrians shitloads of small arms, seal the borders, and let them get on with it? Arabs are only happy when they are killing someone, so for Christ’s sake, leave us out of it. Let them slaughter each other. Who cares????? They only called it an Arab Spring because they got to disembowel so many people- Arab Paradise! Except for the peaceful ones of course- you see them everywhere, protesting against the extremism of their acolytes, don’t you?

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