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Soddy Barbaria:

Saudi Arabia beheads Yemenis, displays corpses in public

Where the hell are the humanitarians and the HR ‘activists?’


Saudi Arabia has today beheaded five Yemenis and displayed their bodies in public.
The men were found to have murdered a Saudi national and formed a gang that committed robberies across several towns in the kingdom, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry said.

Muselmanic Work Accident

SUV filled with missiles explodes in Sinai, killing driver

Al Ahram reports that a SUV loaded with missiles south of Rafah, near the border with Israel and Gaza, exploded yesterday.
A journalist and “human rights activist” were shot dead in Gaza overnight during a suspected clan clash, locals said.
Jordan’s  plucky little king…
Abdullah should wake up and realize that beating the Israeli piñata will not save his ailing throne

Also Abdullah chooses to ignore that Israel’s security has never been dependent on any Arab regime’s goodwill. Even with Jordan, Abdullah’s father, Hussein, had peace with Israel only because he attacked Israel first and lost, a lesson Abdullah does not seem to have learned. Thus, Israel’s military superiority is what has kept its borders with Jordan safe, and this will remain Israel’s only guarantor, whoever rules Jordan after the king falls.

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 “Largely secular” Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR welcomes Obama regime support for imaginary disease