There are no ‘No-Go Zones’ in the Netherlands…

…except when Geert Wilders wants to go there. Then the knives come out:


Wilders Receives Death Threats before Visit to Muslim Neighborhood

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has announced that he will visit The Hague’s problem neighborhood, Schilderswijk. Since then he has received many death threats via Twitter. One of them said, “I’m going to Schilderswijk tomorrow. We are going to kill Wilders.” Another said, “You walk through the neighborhood and you won’t come out of it alive.” Part of the Schilderswijk according to the daily Trouw, is developing into an enclave of Orthodox Muslims.

Source: De Telegraaf Via: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands (thanks to Tundra Tabloids)

One thought on “There are no ‘No-Go Zones’ in the Netherlands…”

  1. So typical of the idiot Muslim – threaten and threaten, and if that does not work try and use violence. An ability to win an argument on merit is beyond these idiots.

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