Another whining niqabette story…

‘Discriminated, oppressed Muslim’ story

Dozy bint of the week by Mary Jackson

School Director Jennifer Young says the school has a strict dress code policy that all students must obey and that students who want to wear religious garb contrary to the dress code must account for it.

Obviously, infidel law, rules and regulations do not apply to the soldiers of allah, who see it as their religious duty to destroy our society from within and to replace our civilisation with Islam.

This case is a similar to that of the hijabette hairdresser, refused a job in a salon which required staff to display its “funky” and “urban and edgy” hairstyles. Like Bushrah Noah, Smullen is well-versed in the victim and rights culture, and expects an un-Islamic environment — and a cosmetics course is surely that –  to adapt to her. Neither make sacrifices for Islam — the sacrifice must be made by the infidel.

Sherquoia_SmullenSherquoia Smullen converted to Islam last month and wears a customary veil over her face most of the time.

“In the Quran, the only things that are supposed to be out are your eyes, your hands and your feet.  Everything else is sacred,” she told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik. (More)


7 thoughts on “Another whining niqabette story…”

  1. “…so she covers her face …”

    Be grateful for small mercies 😉

    Her “bib” looks like an islamist’s barb….

  2. They bathe twice in their lives I believe. Firstly when their mothers spit them out and again when they are dead.

  3. just heard newscaster on bbc re a damaged muslim building set on fire in london
    he said it” had EDL graffiti on it”, IE completely without evidence,
    described it more or less as having been the EDL that did it.
    cameron say’s” there are none sicker! hates the EDL they are constantly villified as “racists” “and nazis” neanderthal thick hooligans ,they are under the cosh…..then I come on here and some twat is all over it going on about” niggers” and some one else about hygiene and the lack of it,
    how the fuck do you think this makes antijihadists look? maybe like all of the above?its’s shit and not what I’m about,and if you are,its goodbye from me……

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