Australia: who says we can’t stop the boats?


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Tim Blair:

  • Obeying the law is now illegal in England.
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“ABBOTT CAN’T TURN BACK THE BOATS”… like hell he can’t

The lack of respect shown for Australia’s sovereignty by the Indonesians is nothing short of breathtaking. Tough talk by Islamic apes (yes, I meant to say that) in diplomatic circles may have Gillard bluffed but no decent Australian PM would ever allow a foreign country to dictate our immigration policy.

The vast majority (up to 80%) of illegal male immigrants are Afghani army deserters, according to a Serco informant.

While 40 of our young men have been killed trying to give corrupt Afghanistan a decent government, craven Afghani army personnel are either killing our troops in green-on-blue attacks or fleeing to our shores with Indonesian assistance.

The Islamisation of our suburbs must cause our dead soldiers’ bereaving families to look askance at Pauline Hanson for answers, and that’s saying something.

Gillard’s Government, and those of the Left, refuse to accept that boat people are indeed illegal immigrants.

It needs to be understood that ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’ are those who must, or have, settled in the first port of refuge.

The Greens and Gillard have tried to imply that first ports of refuge can only be countries that are signatories to the UNHCR Convention. This is not true.

If only signatory countries applied then why did the learned “expert panel” and Gillard wish to include Malaysia as part of their Regional Solution when it is NOT a signatory country?

The Gillard Government also continues to brazenly ignore Australia’s High Court ruling that its Malaysia option is illegal. Golly, what does it take to convince Gillard?

So let’s not soft shoe shuffle around this word ‘illegal’.

And if this Islamic invasion by boat is indeed illegal then UN conventions simply have no relevance. It is solely a matter of a nation’s sovereign obligation to protect its borders.

The obligation to arrest the numbers rests with the Gillard Government but the increase has not only been ignored, it has purposefully and irresponsibly been exacerbated.

Numbers continue to multiply in response to an imminent change of government and Abbott cannot afford to disclose his real solution and give the Indonesians notice of it, but there is ample room for him to move.

Last year, illegal immigration cost Australia $7 billion dollars. So far this year the cost is $10 billion. Next year the cost could exceed our defence budget, so it must and will be stopped.

Indonesia is steeped in Asian corruption and would be delighted to stop the boats in return for a mere fraction of what it costs for us to receive them.

It appears Indonesia’s current stance that we must not turn boats around is promoting this very solution.

Australia’s international cowardice is appreciated by the Indonesian smugglers and they have the stamp of approval from the cooperative military and government who are the real recipients of the illegals’ cash.

Why does Indonesia insist we repatriate convicted smugglers (and we accede to their wishes) while it keeps Corby incarcerated?

Money, or in Corby’s case, the lack of it.

Imagine for a moment if Australia facilitated a marine deportation of 50,000 Greens to the shores of Indonesia declaring that these boats must not be turned around. What might Indonesia’s response be? Mmmm.

There probably aren’t that many Greens left but the analogy proves the insanity of the proposal that we can’t turn invading vessels back to their port of embarkation.

Either we have sovereign borders that demand respect, or we turn the clock back 200 years and become just a lonely island inviting another invasion

This Labor/Green government is the architect of its own annihilation.



David Marr is confined to his prejudiced, homosexually cocooned existence but really, he does need to start reading articles other than his own.


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  1. From THE AGE

    Indonesia is part of the problem

    Indonesia supplies most of the leaky vessels and crew that asylum seekers use to travel to Australia. Without this facility offered by Indonesians, asylum seekers would not bother travelling to Indonesia in their thousands. Yet when Tony Abbott rightly says he will turn around the boats (if safe) to the country of origin, namely Indonesia, Indonesia’s ambassador has the cheek to say it is not Indonesia’s problem. Any Australian leader with the guts, and with Australia’s national interests as a priority, would stop the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid we give to Indonesia until they stop aiding and abetting the illegal people smuggling business. It is time for Australia to take hold of its immigration policy.

    Michael Burd, Toorak

  2. Back in the days when Prime Ministers were also statesmen …

    Bob Menzies to Indonesia, when it threatened to invade then-moderate Malaysia … “Thus Far, no Further”.

    Time to say the same to their invasion of Australia.

  3. I would go even further and suggest that Indonesia is the driving MUSLIM STATE behind this invasion. As to we giving them money….feeding the crocodile so that it will eat us last? They have more money than we if they can, as they did recently, buy, yes I said BUY some fighter planes or something like it, from France, that little colony of islam that once used to be an elegant secular Republique.

  4. “Obeying the law is now illegal in England. “

    Once again, I have to award you the prize for “best line”: I have seen this T-shirt figuring somewhere else, but your titles are just the best. 🙂

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