Da’awah, Hijra & Sharia: its all happening right here and now!

Sharia Law In Australia

Just in case you missed it:

Sunnis and Shiites are fighting – in Australia!  (thanks to the Elder)


And this:

A secretive and radical program operating inside an Islamic book store in western Sydney is encouraging young Muslims to get involved in Syria’s conflict, a 7.30 investigation has revealed.

The bloody conflict in Syria has become a magnet and a new training ground for militants around the world, including Australians.

ASIO has estimated around 100 Australians could be currently fighting in Syria, and four Australians have so far died in the conflict.

Since it opened just over a year ago, the Al Risalah bookstore has gained a reputation as a centre of Islamic extremism.

7.30 has been investigating Al Risalah’s activities and the people behind it, identifying four key sheikhs.

All are radical, and all are encouraging Australians to get involved in the Syrian crisis.

The most famous of the sheikhs is Abu Suhaib, known to authorities as Bilal Khazal.

Khazal is a former baggage handler for Qantas, trained at a military camp in Afghanistan, and was a confidant of Osama bin Laden.

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  1. Well if the Government starts deporting the bastards there won’t be a problem. Problem fixed.

    Time to start taking out the rubbish, NOW.

  2. Maybe they could fly them out with qantas…they would enjoy the halal meals.

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