8 thoughts on “Obama’s Aid Recipients in Syria Behead 1 Captive, Execute 2 Women”

  1. Rita I simply can’t watch another human being butchered. Personally I think it’s more humane to just one shot to the back of the head. The depravity these monsters go to is just disgraceful.

  2. There are no words to adequately describe these subhuman monsters, the spawn of evil beings – Allah and Muhammad. They thoroughly enjoy torturing and butchering men, women, children and animals.

    May they all rot in Hell.

  3. What’s up with these evil spawns, evil men they took two ladies and shoot them, he was holding her hand the way there, oh my God… nuke that place into a glass parking lot… and the red hair white guys what the hell, they Irish? No words to describe this, well I am not taking a Syria vacation.

  4. I cant watch this stuff. It makes me sick.

    But it seems it is coming to you and your neighbourhood because of the enrichment that our idiot political elite have inflicted us with.

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