Don’t say I told you so: the real problem is “Islamophobia” & “anti-Muslim racism”

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu  speaks on behalf of all mu$lim$

 Last week in the UK, a Muslim convert killed a British soldier on a London street, and this was quickly followed by several attacks on mosques in the country.

When events such as these take place, and tensions rise, is there anyone around who speaks on behalf of all Muslims? One man says he does. …
More “islamophobia” at Al Jazeera thanks to Mullah

RACISM fears have been raised over a march to the Belfast Islamic Centre by the Ulster Defence League on Saturday. (written by a clown by the name of by MICHAEL MCGLADE/ More “racism masquerading as freedom of expression” at News Letter)
Far-Right extremists who plan to deliver a message of hatred for all Muslims today in many British towns and cities should be rebuffed wherever they appear. Malice-mongers must be rebuffed: More malice-mongery and islamophobic abuse at Morning Star
Far right stokes racist flames with marches after soldier’s murder
You couldn’t make it up:
Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy said the ”workless poor” were turning to Islamist groups, gangs and far-right factions in an attempt to ”fill a void”. More void-filling and Mustard appeasing psychobabble   at Daily Life thanks to Mullah.
Me thinks there is a void that can’t be filled. The Brits, most of all the journaillie, have lost the plot.

Statists exploit tragedies to promote censorship

The murders of April Jones and drummer Lee Rigby shocked Britain and to some extent the world. Now the usual suspects are attempting to exploit them for their own, sinister ends.
What is the lesson of the murder of April Jones? Not that parents shouldn’t teach their young ones not to go with strange men, but that the Internet should be censored. What is the lesson of the murder of Lee Rigby? Not that action should be taken to counteract those who pervert follow the teachings of the Qurʼan, but that what we need is censorship of the Internet. While hard cases make bad law, they also make rich pickings for the enemies of freedom.

One thought on “Don’t say I told you so: the real problem is “Islamophobia” & “anti-Muslim racism””

  1. First, Islam is not a race . It’s a religious/political /cultural system that controls the minds and lives of many people around the world.
    Second, a so called “Islamophoblic” person , many times, is in reality a person who sees the many real dangers of the death cult which is Islam. For example there is the extreme violence of militant jihadism. Then there is the much more subtle stealth jihad. Furthermore, there is the extreme misogyny of Islam which ranges from oppression of females to the violence of acid attacks against girls and FGM as well as the heinous acts of “honor killing” against both girls and women. In short, this “Islamophoba” is in reality a case, most times, of Islamorealism. In the many dangers of this flase religion are clearly seen.

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