From Europe to EUrabia: the Meltdown is Real, Globull Worming is Not

Pamela Geller: Europe’s Meltdown: A Cautionary Tale

In “Europe’s Meltdown: A Cautionary Tale” at Breitbart, June 1, Pamela Geller sets out some grim facts about modern Europe, and warns the U.S. against going down the same path (which we are eagerly doing):

Muslims rioted in Sweden for a week, burning cars and attacking police. This is just the latest in an unremitting Islamic campaign, a continent-wide jihad initiative leaving death and destruction in its wake. It is a glimpse into the present and future of Europe, due to its disastrous and suicidal immigration policies, and a cautionary tale for America.

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Swedish political duplicity hits a whole new level. 

This politician is lucky he already kicked the bucket. If you know his name please tell us.

And it isn’t just in Sweden. It’s in France as well, where there have been periodic Muslim riots, featuring the same car-burnings, screams of “Allahu akbar,” and attacks on police. All over the continent, we see the effects of Muslim immigration in Europe. When a Muslim tried to assassinate free-speech activist Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, the New York Times smeared Hedegaard and praised Muslims.

Last year, Belgium was shaken by a Ramadan crime wave, with threats of jihad grenade attacks on public buildings. A devout Muslim called for the murder of members of a pro-freedom political party in Germany. Other Muslim thugs“patrolled” the streets of London, harassing those they believed do not conform to Islamic law. There are even Sharia zones enforced in the U.K. Gay man are targeted by Muslims who threaten them to “get out of here, you bloody fag.” In Italy recently, a jihadist was arrested in Rome and there were police raids in Milan, Palermo, Cagliari, Cuneo, and Salerno. But Muslims nonetheless are violently rioting and attacking non-Muslims in that country. In Spain, a jihadi plotted to poison the tourist water supply. A jihadi trio was arrested “in possession of explosives and poison.”

And because of this mass Muslim immigration, the Islamic antisemitism has increasingly rendered Europe hostile to Jews. Norway’s Jewish population is almost nonexistent, French Jews are fleeing in droves, and a Jewish school in Belgium has been forced to shut down. In Sweden, Muslims shot rockets and hurled pipe bombs at Jews and attacked Jews at a peaceful pro-Israel rally. In Germany, Muslims rioted, chanting “Jews out, Germans out, allahu akbar, f**k off Jews, kick the Jews out, burn the Jew.” A Hezbollah courier was found guilty of playing a role in a Cyprus jihad terror plot. Hezbollah was also behind the bombing of a bus full of Jewish tourists in Bulgaria. In Italy, a Muslim was jailed for a Milan synagogue bomb plot. There are now sweeping “no-go areas” for Jews in Europe.

Think it can’t happen here? At a Los Angeles rally, Muslims chanted “Long live Hitler” and “Put Jews in ovens.”

The mainstream media, true to form, seldom identifies the perpetrators. Instead, in a characteristic move they blamed the Swedish riots on the right and attribute it all to poverty, saying: “Some seven years of centre-right rule, however, have chipped away at benefits.”

Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist said:

The last 20 years or so, we have seen so many immigrants coming to Sweden that really don’t like Sweden. They do not want to integrate, they do not want to live in [Swedish] society: Working, paying taxes and so on. The people come here now because they know that Sweden will give them money for nothing. They don’t have to work, they don’t have to pay taxes – they can just stay here and get a lot of money. That is really a problem.

Nonetheless, some in the media say that the overburdened taxpayer should pay more jizya (the tax demanded of non-Muslims under Islamic law) to these “masked youths [who] vandalise schools, libraries and police stations, setting cars alightand hurling stones at police and firefighters.”

Media elites and leftist tools scrub and sanitize the grim truth while Europe burns. The media is crippled by its own self-censorship — beheadings in the streets of London, bombings in Boston, thousands of burning cars, Sweden under siege, but still the media cannot say the M-word. For those who don’t speak media, “Asian,” “immigrant,” “youth,” “immigrant youth,” “North African,” and “Moroccan” all mean the same thing. The M-word is prohibited – to utter it in a negative manner would be to commit blasphemy under the Sharia. “Do not offend Islam.”

Social exclusion is to blame. Housing is to blame. Disrespect for the police (non-Sharia authority) is to blame. Everything and anything is to blame except what’s actually to blame. And Sweden is getting swallowed whole.

AFP writes that the rioting was “set off earlier this month by the police shooting of a 69-year-old man” and neglects to mention that the man charged at police with a machete (think London beheading).

And Swedish politicians (as well as the media) are trying to make light of it. “The acute thing is to ensure that these neighborhoods get back to normal everyday life,” said Erik Ullenhag, Sweden’s integration minister. It will never be normal again, Mr. Ullenhag. Snap out of it. It will never be normal again in Sweden or anywhere in Europe.

Already Sweden is doing the bidding of Islamic supremacists. According toChristianity Today, “Sweden is denying religious refugee status to Iranian Christians, threatening to extradite them. Applicants complain that secular immigration judges don’t understand the risks they face back home in Iran as converts.” And a Stockholm municipality has allowed the Islamic call to prayer to go out across the city over loudspeakers.

And a Somali journalist in Sweden, Amun Abdullari, has decided to return to Somalia. She wrote about how young Muslims in Sweden become jihadists – and was promptly attacked by the Swedish left. She says that while “Somalia is a dangerous place, Sweden is more dangerous than Mogadishu. Here you cannot tell the truth. The truth is kept secret, the people are silenced.”

The violence, the rioting, the rapes, the attacks on police, and firefighters are not happening in a vacuum. There is a societal sanction, an appeasement, that clearly emboldens and gives rise to an escalation.

With all of these concessions to the Sharia and Islamic supremacism, is it any wonder that the invading army is more brazen and naked in achieving its goal?

And yet the media and governing elites focus not on the jihad force but on the so-called “right-wing extremists” who are trying to halt the Islamization of Europe.

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  1. I saw Europe from far, ( lived abroad 30 years…), and thought it will go down the drain of islamisation soon…Now, since one year I am back to live in here, and I can tell it’s already too late, it’s already GONE. And thanks to BHO who is pushing for it, Turkey will also enter in the EU, after that they will apply sharia all over.
    Save the USA, please, so that at least we’ll have a place to emigrate to….

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