He kissed a girl


 Nothing to do with Islam, allah forbid:


Tommy Robinson on the Geller Spencer ban, and his upcoming walk.

The police seem to admit, when its convenient, that there are areas which are muslim, and their laws apply and not England’s. I bet if you point this out to them, that they said this, you would be accused of racism.  (Vlad Tepes)

 Dumber than Duss: “ knuckle-dragging bigotry”

Leftist writers argue that Spencer and Geller should be admitted into the UK

Douglas Murray: A gross double standard over hate speech

Sign the petition asking that we be allowed into the country here.

Not everyone who is protesting against the outrageous injustice of our being banned from Britain is at the same time a lily-livered sellout. In “A gross double standard over hate speech” in The Spectator, June 27, Douglas Murray adduces the same examples I invoked here to show that you can perfectly well talk about jihad violence in Great Britain, as long as you’re for it.

The Commentator: No Fan, Just Stoopid

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  1. This was always a thing with mediterranean people. They have no problem chasing the nordic chicks but as soon as you make an attempt on their women you take your life in your hands. I use to enjoy finding some hypocrite and take him up on his aggression. Either we have to stop them dating our women or they have to open their minds.

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