Wakefield Murders

Wakefield murders: Victim haunted after ex boyfriend Ahmad Otak killed her sister and best friend

2 Jun 2013 / Mirror/UK

Elisa Frank speaks for the first time about how the violent murders of Kimberly Frank and Samantha Sykes left her traumatised and blaming herself for their deaths

Heartbroken Elisa Frank
Heartbroken Elisa Frank
Simon Ashton

WITH an evil smirk Ahmad Otak licked blood from the blade of his knife and then spat on 17-year-old ­Kimberly Frank’s mutilated body.

He’d tied her sister Elisa to the sofa, shackling her ankles and wrists.

Elisa trembled with fear as the evil killer then held the knife to her throat and forced her to lure his next victim to the horrific scene.

Half-an-hour later, as Otak left the body of her best friend Samantha Sykes, 18, lying at her feet, Elisa was certain she was next.

But incredibly he spared her… yet more than a year on she says she still wishes he hadn’t.

Brave Elisa, 20, has spoken for the first time about the terrible murders last March, and why she still blames herself for the deaths of the two people she loved most.


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“Not a single day passes when I don’t think about Kim and Sammy,” she says. “What I have had since then isn’t a life. I can’t go out on my own because I’m terrified all the time.

“I dream about them every night and have flashbacks in the day. I will never be rid of the image of them both lying there covered in blood, gasping for their last breaths.

“Every day I wish he had taken my life instead of theirs and I’ll never forgive myself for bringing him into their lives. The only thing that stops me from killing myself now is that I can’t allow him to get three out of three.”

Elisa was so traumatised by her violent ex’s dreadful crimes that she was sectioned under the mental health act last year after ­taking a cocktail of drugs.

“Kim was all I had,” says Elisa. “Dad left when I was a baby and we were taken into care when I was 14 and she was 13 because Mum couldn’t cope.

Samantha Sykes (left), 18, and Kimberley Frank, 17
Victims Samantha Sykes (left), 18, and Kimberley Frank, 17

“We used to sing The Calling’s song Wherever You Will Go every night and say it was about us. No matter what happened, we would be there for each other.”

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