“Iran has changed course. Now the US must do the same.”

Comedy Gold from the Guardian:

“Iran has changed course. Now the US must do the same.”

Iran’s new headbanger stay’s the course just like  the ape before him:

1. Israel must cease to exist.

2. The west is evil and must be destroyed.

3. The US is the “Great Satan.”

Find a moderate in that witches brew of hate – I dare you.

New Iranian president’s son killed himself “over father’s extremism”— Pamela Geller

But, but but the enemedia said he’s a moderate!  Except he’s not — read Atlas here and here.

Lying America into Another War? (Daniel Greenfield)

“Syria is not America’s war. It is the Muslim Brotherhood’s war. Instead of nation-building at home, Obama is caliphate-building abroad.”

Iraq: Sunni Bombers Target Shia Mosque – Aftermath Video  (BCF)

Brutal. More here.

Melanie Phillips with Michael Coren

Which brand of evil do we support?

Andrew Bolt

Vladimir Putin puts a rather good argument for not arming the Syrian rebels.

One hardly should back those who kill their enemies and, you know, eat their organs. Do we want to support these people? Do we want to supply arms to these people?

It’s an argument echoed by Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London:

Just over a week ago, a 15-year-old boy called Mohammed Qataa was selling coffee from his stall in Aleppo. A friend of his asked for a cup, and said that he would pay him back later…

Young Mohammed said that he didn’t take credit, and wanted payment for the coffee there and then. Indeed, he went on casually to say that even if the Prophet Mohammed had come down, he would not give him credit.

Alas, his jocular remark was overheard. Three members of a movement called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria decided that they took exception. So they kidnapped the kid, and took him off to beat him; and then, in the early hours of Sunday morning, they brought him back — with whiplash marks on his body — and dumped him, still alive, by his coffee stand. A crowd gathered around, and a member of the brigade made a little speech of explanation.

“Generous citizens of Aleppo, disbelieving in God is polytheism and cursing the prophet is polytheism. Whoever curses even once will be punished like this!”

And in full view of the crowd, which by now included the boy’s parents — pleading hysterically — this man fired two bullets from an automatic weapon into Mohammed Qataa’s head, killing him instantly….

Odious, twisted, hate-filled thugs; arrogant and inadequate creeps, intoxicated by the pathetic illusion of power that comes with guns; poisoned by a perversion of religion into a contempt for all norms of civilised behaviour.

They are fighting not for freedom but for a terrifying Islamic state in which they would have the whip hand — and yet there is no dodging or fudging the matter: these are among the Syrian rebels who are hoping now to benefit from the flow of Western arms.

How is it supposed to work? How are we meant to furnish machine guns and anti-tank weapons to one set of opposition forces, without them ending up in the hands of men like the al-Qaeda-affiliated thugs who executed a child for telling a joke?

Mind you, it’s not quite that simple:

Iran has sent its proxy army of Hezbollah into the war in support of the Assad regime… With Hezbollah’s help, Assad’s army retook the strategically important town of Qusair two weeks ago…

But Iran is going further. According to a report in Britain’s Independent on Sunday newspaper, Iran has decided to send about 4000 of its own troops into Syria in support of the regime…

On the rebels’ side are the three other rising powers of the region – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

What unites these very disparate nations? They don’t like the Assad regime, but, more importantly, they fear its great sponsor, Iran…

[The conflict] is pitting Sunni Muslim against Shiite Muslim… Assad’s main ally, Iran, has Shia as its state religion. So the Shiite states are on one side.

And the rebels in Syria? Chiefly Sunnis. The Islamic-majority countries lined up in support of the rebels – such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar – are all Sunni-dominated.

No, not that simple – although I don’t quite trust the either-or assumption in this argument for arming the rebels:

With 93,000 of Syria’s citizens dead, a kill rate in the country higher than in post-invasion Iraq, and one of the world’s most murderous and tyrannical regimes poised to win a historic victory thanks to western inaction, Johnson can only fret about hypothetical dangers.

In fact, it is the west’s failure militarily to support the Syrian National Coalition and its principal military counterpart, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), that is strengthening the hand of al-Qaida in Syria. The SNC is formally committed to the establishment of a “democratic and pluralistic civil state” and is recognised by Britain, the US, the EU and the Arab League as legitimately representing the Syrian people. Yet demoralised by their shortage of arms, soldiers of the FSA have been defecting to the al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra militia, which is, according to some sources, the best-equipped rebel force in Syria. The double-headed monster traditionally oppressing the Arab world – brutal dictatorships in power and opposition channelled into Islamist extremism and terrorism; the very combination that spawned al-Qaida and the 9/11 attacks in the first place – looks set to be resuscitated in Syria, as Johnson and other conservatives do their best to undermine western support for the only viable alternative.


I didn’t know Putin could actually speak fluent English: