A Shariah State in Belgium?

A Shariah State in Belgium?
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Philip Claeys, a member of the European Parliament for Vlaams Belang, talks to RT about calls for a shariah state by recently-elected Muslim councilors, and the possibility of an independent Flanders:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

This is the ultimate perversion of democracy.

To allow the abuse of the system by an imported Mohammedan proletariat;  to allow the soldiers of allah to replace the existing order along with the natives, is genocide on the peoples of Europe.

If they have the numbers and they don’t get their sharia statelet, they will whine that “this is not democracy”, which they reject anyhow because its ‘unIslamic’.

The remaining  natives must be so dhimmified that they look  in awe towards their subjugation. Never in history has treason taken such a toll…..

2 thoughts on “A Shariah State in Belgium?”

  1. An interesting experiment would be to allow this separate Sharia State but to cut off all welfare to whoever lives in this State. This saved welfare bill could be used to pay relocation costs for any non muslims who wanted to leave this State. Any resident of this State who wanted to work outside of this State would require a working visa.

    My bet would be that within 2 years, this slice of “Islamic Paradise” would collapse in a heap.

  2. 2 state solution for Belgium? supported by jizzia, slavery,& gulf states. it Could happen.

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