MSNBC Koranimal ‘Martin’ Bashir: Opposing IRS Abuse Is Racist


For Tingles Obama can do no wrong:

Back to Bashir:

‘Martin’ is his beard to deceive you. Muhammad said ‘war is deceit’, and that’s what Bashir’s doing.

His real name is  of course Muhammad or a Mahmoud,  and his unhinged rants give him away for the muselmanic agitprop he is. “Martin” will do anything to keep  his Muslim brother Obama in the white house, and  if that means he has to play the race card its a matter of course, because its the last stink bomb in his arsenal.

MSNBC Moonbat: Opposing IRS Abuse Is Racist  (Moonbattery)

Anyone with even the vaguest conception of how an honorable government would function is appalled at the abuses the IRS has heaped upon those it targets for political reasons, even whilelavishly wasting the money it steals. In contrast, MSNBC host Martin Bashir is appalled at those who criticize the IRS — because they are racist:

“This strategy is nothing new, and it was explained way back in 1981 by Lee Atwater, who was Bush 41′s chief strategist. In a tape recording, Mr. Atwater revealed how Republicans evolved their language to achieve the same purpose. He said, ‘You start out in 1954 by saying ‘n-word, n-word, n-word.’ By 1968, you can’t say ‘n-word.’ That hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like ‘forced busing,’ ‘states rights’ and all that stuff and you’re getting so abstract. Now you’re talking about cutting taxes. ‘We want to cut this’ is much more abstract than even the busing thing and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘n-word, n-word.’

“So this afternoon, we welcome the latest phrase in the lexicon of Republican attacks on this president — ‘the IRS,’ three letters that sound so innocent, but we know what you mean.”

You would think, having reached the last conceivable extreme of absurdity, the race club would finally stop making conservatives cringe. But then, I thought the same after the O.J. verdict, and look how much use liberals have gotten out of it since.

Bashir defends his friends from the racists.


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  1. Martin Bashir is British Pakastani of so it says christian-pakastani parents. Maybe martin is british for mohammid IDK.
    Just remember obama is a christian also, snigger snigger.

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