Gillard gubmint releases radical headchoppers on our streets

Government releases violent boat people into our streets


We are told not to call them “illegal migrants”, which they are not. They are soldiers of allah doing ‘hijra’, invading infidel lands to make us  Islamic. Jooliar Gilard calls them “an investment in our fjoodja” and blames the opposition of  ‘fear-mongering’.

Andrew Bolt

How the Gillard Government’s “compassionate” border policies have not just lured 1000 boat people to their deaths but endanger Australians:

Asylum seekers involved in violent attacks while in immigration detention are being released, including one man who assaulted staff and was involved in more than 250 incidents.

The violent detainees are released before security checks are completed, according to an insider with knowledge of the system…

The account follows Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decision on Wednesday to launch an inquiry into the release of a convicted terrorist into a low-security detention centre, where he remained for months, even after his background came to light.

According to the latest account of security problems, one man, Khoda Doost, was involved in more than 250 incidents, including assaulting staff, but was still released in Victoria, where he threatened to kill people and burn down his house…

A Department of Immigration spokeswoman confirmed a ‘’series of incidents’’ led to Mr Doost having his residency revoked in September last year…

In another incident, a detainee in Melbourne was released only two weeks after threatening self-harm and to kill staff in a rooftop protest, the whistleblower said.

Kick out these bums.

The Government, I mean.


More on that very well-travelled convicted terrorist:

After fleeing Egypt in 1992, Mr Abdellatif went to Albania, where he worked with the Kuwaiti society. He sought asylum in Britain but was rejected, and then wound up in Iran.

He then went through India to Malaysia and on to Indonesia. After trying again unsuccessfully for asylum to Britain, he told IRIN from Indonesia he had planned to pay a people-smuggler up to $US17,000 to travel by boat to Australia.

We really are being gamed.


Here’s another one lured to Australia by this reckless government:

AN asylum-seeker alleges that Iranian people-smuggling suspect Mohammad Abdi, accepted twice by Australia as a refugee, has been a major figure in the illicit trade for a decade…

The allegation and details provided this week by Mr Abdi’s wife, “Fatima”, raise further questions about the quality of vetting by Australian security authorities and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Fatima, whose visa has also been cancelled along with those of her two sons, said she and her husband came to Australia by boat in 1999 but returned to Iran after release from Immigration detention.

The Abdis fled Iran again in 2009 claiming persecution as Christian converts, she said, and were again accepted as refugees and given Australian residence in February 2011. 

The Press Council has warned journalists not to use the term “illegal immigrants”.