Obama’s Family Ties to Islamic Terror

Subject: Obama’s close half brother jihadist Hamass pal Malik Obama by Walid Shoebat…

“As you probably know from interviews we’ve posted of Walid Shoebat, he has exposed the Islamic terrorist connections of Malik Obama, brother of President Obama, and how Malik Obama funds terrorism with his IRS-granted tax exempt organization, Barack H. Obama foundation, signed off on by none other than Lois Lerner.
Interested yet? Just watch:
“Walid Shoebat ALWAYS offers a unique perspective on terrorism that you just don’t hear from anywhere else and yesterday he was on Kuhner Report to discuss the terrorist attack that happened in London. He also discusses Obama’s terrorist connections in his family and even addresses, when asked, the question of whether Obama is a Muslim or not.
The first 13 minutes or so is the actual interview and after that he takes questions from listeners. Listen:

Nasim Ben Iman, Apostate from Islam in Germany warns the West

“No nonsense summary of Islam’s tactics from a former muslim living in Germany. Every thing you need to know about the muslim in your neighbor, driving in a car next to you and shopping at Walmart..  Islam will sacrifice any man woman of child to enslave, convert or cut your throat.

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  1. Yeah, just one more thing to interfere with the school day and the learning environment. Sure, why not, huh? Let them ruin the school system like they have ruined everything else.

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