The Climate Downunder

Tim Blair

Watch your money (and don’t you dare to doubt “the science!”)


US climate lunatic Bill McKibben teams up with Goldman Sachs to save you from dangerous ‘climate change’, (with your money, of course. They really really want your Super!)

More on this climate wankfest:

Bob Carr doesn’t write his own blog:

“Not only do I not write it, I don’t read it,” Senator Carr told a Senate estimates committee …

That makes two three of us.

Everything green is bad, expensive or slow:

56% Of Carmakers Who Asked For Government ‘Green’ Loans Are Dead. The money is combusted.

King KRong

A Republic, what could be more important than that?

Swan attempts to divert attention with a dead republic  (that’s after homo-marriage failed to get anyones attention.   A banana is not an orange, a man is not a wife and a woman is not a husband, by Piers Akerman)