The ‘militant’ Buddhists of Burma and their audacity to fight back against Muselmanic aggression

Yet another scribbler from The Times (Islamic financed) wants you to think the Buddhists of Burma have no right to defend themselves against  Muselmanic hordes that keep invading their country. A brief look at history tells us that the soldiers of allah have done a thorough job of totally eliminating the Buddhists from historical India, which included Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Even the Bamian Buddhas couldn’t escape the wrath of allah. The UN, the OIC, the lame stream media and the Muslim POTUS Obama are hammering the Buddhists to submit to Mohammedan demands, but  the cat is out of the bag: the Buddhists of Burma won’t budge:

‘Man of peace’ Venerable Wirathu approves violence to Rohingyas

BY:RICHARD LLOYD PARRY From: The Times June 01, 2013


Buddhist monk Wirathu insists he is a man of peace, but has emerged as the spiritual leader of a pro-Buddhist fringe group accused of fuelling a bloody campaign of violence. Source: AP

FROM his physical presence, it is difficult to imagine anyone less menacing than the Venerable Wirathu.

Pale-skinned and shaven-headed, he sits cross-legged in the library of his monastery in Mandalay, in Myanmar. His voice is soft and measured, his movements slow and gentle, and his slight frame is draped in the ox-blood robes of a Buddhist monk.

But Wirathu is one of the most controversial and divisive figures in contemporary Myanmar, a man celebrated by his supporters as a nationalist hero and denounced by his enemies as an apologist for murder.

Since his release from prison last year, he has become the public face of a Buddhist campaign to exclude and isolate Myanmar’s Muslim minority. The 35-year-old insists his goals and methods are peaceful, intended to counteract what he regards as growing Muslim power and numbers.

But the rise of his so-called “969” campaign to boycott Muslim-owned businesses and oppose intermarriage with Buddhists has coincided with a surge of bloody violence, of which Muslims have been the main victims.

In Rakhine state, in Myanmar’s far west, 140,000 stateless Rohingya Muslims are living in wretched refugee camps after the ethnic cleansing of towns and villages that killed 200 people.

In March, the violence spread to towns in central Myanmar, including Meiktila, where mobs of men dressed in monks’ robes hacked to death Muslim women and children, and where one monk was also killed.

The latest manifestation came this week in the northern city of Lashio, where terrified Muslims were sheltering under army guard after homes, shops and a mosque were burned down.

The utterances of men such as Wirathu contribute towards an atmosphere in which more and more Buddhists regard Muslims as enemies, and raise questions about the political disposition of Buddhist monks, who six years ago were celebrated as heroes for their defiance of the military government during the suppressed “saffron uprising”.

The violence threatens to undermine the fragile progress towards democracy undertaken by reformist President Thein Sein.

“People give me various names,” Wirathu said. “The Burmese bin Laden, the bald neo-Nazi.” But he prefers to compare himself with a group of fellow skinheads. “Do you know the English Defence League?” he asked. “We would like to be like the EDL. Not carrying out violence, but protecting the public.”

The 969 campaign (which takes its names from the number of symbolic virtues attributed to the Buddha, his teaching, and to the monkhood) has spread quickly since Wirathu was released last year from nine years in prison. He had been convicted under the former military government of inciting attacks that killed 10 Muslims in 2010.

Supporters of the movement display a sticker bearing the image of a famous Buddhist sculpture to indicate their support of the boycott – and to advertise to customers that they are not Muslim-owned. But the movement is justified by assumptions about Myanmar’s demography that are shaky at best. Wirathu insists 22 per cent of the nation’s 60 million people are Muslim – the official count is 4 per cent. Many of these have lived peacefully alongside Buddhist neighbours for generations.

(That’s unfiltered  Muselprop from an ignorant leftist dimbulb)

The recent violence has killed and displaced many more Muslims than Buddhists. In Rakhine state, Wirathu has an explanation: “The Rohingya there burned down their own houses so that they could live easily in the refugee camps.”

He said the burning and killing by the Buddhist mob in Meiktila was “forgivable” because “a monk was killed in front of their eyes – they could not control their anger”. He added: “As far as Muslims go, a snake is a snake. Snakes are dangerous, so we shouldn’t let them be.”


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