The Muswell Hill Mosque fire looks more and more like an insurance job….

Turns out the  building was in a  bad state of disrepair. Something had to be done.

Muselmaniacs and their enablers were hoping to stick it to the EDL, but  no such luck. it turns out that the  joint was dilapidated, and the soldiers of allah were lacking the funds to modernise.

EDL No More Mosques The police chiefs, the leftarded media and the politprops were happy to allow the unfounded rumours to continue that it was a “racist arson attack,” committed by the EDL.

Now that its not, the establishment makes sure the Mustards get what they want:

Cllr Richard Cornelius said there was no choice but to rebuild the Barnet Council-owned building which housed the Somali Bravanese Centre in Coppetts Road.

Dhimmitude on steroids. Britain wanders silently into thousand years of dhimmitude.

Sir Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave like an Iranian centrifuge.

Kafir crusaders has the story.

In other news:

A Keighley resident  runs classes to stop young men becoming involved in sexual grooming: 

“Evil” people who sexually abuse children are not following the true teachings of Islam…”

Let the”healing” begin:

A MOSQUE in Gloucester is opening its doors to all in a bid to dispel myths about Islam in the wake of Lee Rigby’s murder. …

Grimsby mosque opens doors to help open up minds:

Only the ‘uninformed’ stand in the way of the dominant Islamic ‘cult-(ure)  If only people were “educated” about Islam we would all get along swimmingly….


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  1. Yes, as suspected the muslims committed arson on their own properties. Want a bet that the item still appears as a case of “islamaphobia” in the muslim press.

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