Turkey: the enemy has been identified, the fight is on: Erdogan blames Jews for protests

Erdogan claims Jewish investors behind protests

At first he blamed opposition, hooligans, foreign governments, now Turkey’s PM charges Western, Jewish financiers of scheming to topple economy through prolonged demos.

Turkey owes tens of billions of dollars to debtors, especially in Europe and the US, and the interest it is required to pay is debilitating its economic base thus hampering its growth.

Turkish PM in ‘last warning’ to protesters

 Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to evacuate ‘troublemakers’ from Gezi Park as EU criticises him on handling of protests.

The Muslim Leader’s Guide to Handling Dissent (ElderToon)


In other news:

Al BeBeeCeera screws with Jews:

BBC Red Carded for Capital Offense

The BBC this week insisted that “no offence was intended” after Tel Aviv was described as Israel’s capital during a commentary on the UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

BBC drops word “anti-Semitism” as too long, continues using word “Islamophobia”

They’re both the same length.