UK: Muslims fear “backlash” from stabbing police officer in mosque

Three men and a police officer have been stabbed at a mosque in Birmingham, British police say.

The male police constable was responding to reports that three men had been stabbed inside the mosque in the Ward End area of the city when he was attacked.

The four men are being treated in hospital for their wounds and are described as “stable”.

Mohammed Shafiq, leader of the UK Muslim organisation the Ramadhan Foundation, said  “People, anti-Muslim extremists, are going to try to take advantage of this – it’s very serious…”

In other news:

“Comments on Yahoo more frightening than murder…”

” There were people calling for the eviction of every Muslim from England and America. Others still who wanted Islam completely banned.…”

5 thoughts on “UK: Muslims fear “backlash” from stabbing police officer in mosque”

  1. Ban it please before it gets worse
    I can’t take it any more
    I didn’t mean anything
    The big black box it was just a joke

  2. Three men and a cop get stabbed by a raghead, and the story is, ragheads worrying about a backlash?

  3. I find it funny how when Muslims do something wrong the press everywhere tries to bury it, and with this stabbing they are focused on “the hero worshippers” rather then the name of this person(I haven’t seen it anywhere) and the larger issue.

    This was probably sectarian violence.

    Another thing I find funny is this, when something happens to Muslims, it is all about “this was an attack on our community”. When it’s a Muslim committing the crime it’s all about “this was an isolated incident”.

  4. Muslims always apply collective guilt.

    Its the ummah against the kaffirs, who are always wrong.

    The reaction of the hapless harbies is always one of fearful cowardice; because doing something about it could upset the whole 1.5 billion lunatics and we can’t have that.

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