Very Strange

NYPD Sergeant Convicted of Misusing Terror Database Now “Integrity” Officer in Brooklyn Precinct

Only in Obamastan:

Five years ago, NYPD Sergeant Haytham Khalil was indicted for illegally accessing the FBI criminal records and terrorism database on behalf of a friend in a child custody dispute. He pleaded guilty in 2009.

Today, Khalil not only is still with the police department, despite his conviction, but he is an integrity control officer in a Brooklyn precinct.

In sum, an officer convicted of abusing his position to access confidential information for a private purpose is now monitoring whether other officers are following the rules. (BCF)

Even stranger:

Does the Uniting Church of Canada Support Muslim Grooming Gangs?

United Church of Canada forum deletes thread and threatens ban over links to UK grooming gang scandal articles

Oddly… another user on the forum has been running a thread on Catholic pedophile priests for several years, yet that remains untouched by censorship… (BCF)

2 thoughts on “Very Strange”

  1. He could have caught them both, I found an article that says the file was sent to a Canadian woman regarding someonee on the terorist watch list. Probably more to come on this.

  2. The United Church of Canada supports islam, jihadi flotillas to Israel, and other forms of economic boycott blockades, in favour of ‘palestine.’

    They have also set up a school to train moslems about islam.

    Yes you heard that right – the United Church is so racist that they think they, as Whites, are required to use their members’ money to teach the swarthy mentally inferior moslems about their own “religion,” because obviously the darkies haven’t been doing a very good job of it on their own!

    These lefties’ willingly self-blinded blissfully ignorant hubris is almost unlimited.

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