Weekend Offerings from the Religion of Peace

Iran Elections: you have a choice between Islam, Islam & Islam


Diversity: “Iran Infighting Turns Election Into Real Contest”—Wow, they’re all so different. I can see why it’s so hard to choose.

Say Islam is a Religion of Peace or we go apeshit:


Virgins Only

Pastor murdered in Malaysia

Catholic Priest Donates Kidney to Save Muslim

Islamizing American Schools  (FrontPage Magazine)

CAIR’s not-so-stealthy public school indoctrination campaign is bearing fruit.

Snow Job in Tennessee  (FSM)

Muslims are in favor of religious freedom – as long as it applies only to Muslims.

Koran Manuscript Withdrawn

“The withdrawal of the said manuscript from the auction scheduled for June 9 reflects a great understanding of the very high moral and cultural value of this manuscript,the ambassador wrote in a letter to the auction house.

National Defense vs. the Ideology of Jihad

by Clare M. Lopez

It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the deliberate blinding of our homeland security defense capabilities, perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in close cooperation with the witting, willing assistance of our own national security agency leadership , is propelling the U.S. towards catastrophe.

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  1. Note that all victims in the bombing of the bus were female lecturers and students, And muslims keep telling us that islam protects women!!! From whom – certainly not the predatory muslim male!!!

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