Islamic immigration causes huge economic and social implications

To dodge the debate is a recipe for disaster.

Immigration and radical Islam

Alan Jones – Paul Sheehan – audio player

It Is Prohibited To Eat Or Drink From Utensils Used By Disbelievers

Allen West Responds to Bill Cosby (Answering Muslims)

(Video) Bill Cosby needs to do his research.

Colonel Allen West points out the obvious:

“Good Muslims” Discovered!

‘He Is Off the Mark on This’

Blaze Readers on Allen West’s Response to Bill Cosby’s ‘Be More Like’ Muslims Suggestion

“I am currently living in Qatar. I see all kinds of muslims, both the good and the bad. Surprise, surprise, there ARE good muslims in the world.”—- Read More »

Yes. Not all Germans were Nazis, not all Lesbians hate men, not all homosexuals are pedophiles…..