Yorkshire village idiot wants the EDL banned

Colin Inglis is a fascist thug who openly sides with the UAF.  It was their members  who were arrested during the EDL march. Typically, he blames the EDL.

936784627Yorkshire village idiot wants the EDL banned.

Ban ‘fascist thuggery’ of EDL, says ex-police authority chief

As you can see, Colin Inglis has impeccable credentials:

In the 1980s, Inglis was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy…

…..on 4th December 2005, he was charged on 14 counts of indecent assault in relation to allegations of child abuse from his social worker period. And the trial was to say the least controversial – not least because, by now, Colin Inglis had managed to get himself elected as  a Labour Councillor…having along the way somehow become the Chairman of Humberside police authority. There is more, just click on the link.

Other councillors hold him in high esteem:

“Colin Inglis is an ex-leader of the council who is in his twilight years…”

Mar 14, 2012 – HULL’S Lord Mayor Colin Inglis has been dumped from the Labour ticket as a prospective police and crime commissioner….

And this is his claim to fame:

A FORMER police authority chairman has accused the English Defence League (EDL) of “fascist street thuggery” after a march in Hull that led to 10 arrests.

Trouble flared when about 75 people took part a march along Spring Bank on June 8, although those arrested were protesting against the event.

Police said the men were held for public order-related offences when a “small disturbance” happened just after 1.15pm. Eight were released without charge, while a man aged 19 received a police caution for possession of a class B drug, and a 23-year-old was charged with possession of an offensive weapon in public.

Hull councillor Colin Inglis has now called on police to ban any further marches. (Read it all)

In other news:

Andrew Neil, the moron who tried to get Tommy Robinson killed now pretends its him who gets ‘death threats’. This is the usual MO of these mindless thugs who are holding the fort for the establishment.

The BBC Sanctions the Murder of Tommy Robinson

Andrew Neil

 BBC presenter Andrew Neil has claimed he received ‘death threats’, insults and accusations of being a Muslim from English Defence League supporters after his interview with far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

The PuffHo wankers love it!

(Note that he doesn’t publish the “death threats”, he only publishes his own dreck. What a lousy creep!)



4 thoughts on “Yorkshire village idiot wants the EDL banned”

  1. One of my “theories” why the BBC and the rest of the Left so favour islam, is that it accommodates their preference for little boys (and girls).

  2. So if EDL didn’t blaspheme the utopian wisdom of the left, the UAF wouldn’t be provoked into rioting and violence. Therefore EDL must be banned to preserve the peace.

    The logic is vaguely familiar.

  3. Muhammed ibn Raghead,
    You are exactly correct – the real enemy we have are the left wing social engineers – the islamists are just tools for these people who will keep trying to build their social utopia whilst consistently failing. islam cannot survive on its own merit, and this suggests that it is being supported by external parties. islamists are not intelligent people – they may by skilled in duplicity but they are not intelligent by definition – so who is helping them – and why???

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