Misogyny and ‘marriage equality’ are holding Oz back

Forget the drowned boat people, the busted Budget, the never-never promises of the national disability scheme and the Gonski “reforms” – concentrate on the gender wars.

G-lard will be impossible to get rid of. 

 She is the original bitter clinger!


54 per cent of women disapprove of G-lards leadership, while just 41 per cent approve.

What are these women? Misogynists?

Cult or culture?

Something in the culture doesn’t make for peace

Andrew Bolt

There is a common cultural factor, and a common fear for Western countries asked to help:

More than half all refugees come from just five war-affected countries, namely Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

Tim Blair:

“Climate change”, “globull worming” or “climate justice”– who cares?

The  people of the world view the fight against climate change as the least important of 16 issues suggested by the UN.  Hussein Obama still hasn’t got the message.

Mark Steyn:

“English metropolitan life in the 21st century,” muses Mark Steyn. “If you miss one beheading story, there’ll be another one along in a minute.”


One thought on “Misogyny and ‘marriage equality’ are holding Oz back”

  1. Does any body know how many refugees does Saudi Arabia take from

    Syria , Afghanistan , Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan?

    They should be the first to help the Islamic nations in strife, as they have the space and resources.

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