“Allah will punish you in hell”


Muslim leader to female politician telling extreme Muslim immigrants to “go home”: Allah will punish you in Hell— Posted by Nicolai Sennels

Inger Støjberg from the party Venstre (Liberal Conservative) criticised Muslims who do not embrace Danish society’s laws and values ​​- and told them to go home. The newspaper Ekstra Bladet organized a debate between Støjberg and the Islamist Adnan Avdic.


Avdic is Bosnian with Danish citizenship. Even before the debate started, complications emerged when Støjberg held out her hand to greet Avdic who refused. Instead, he handed Støjberg flowers and explained that he cannot shake her hand for religious reasons.Avdic said that Støjberg’s criticism creates racism and terrorism, especially now during Ramadan, and Avdic drew parallels with Jyllands-Posten’s Muhammad cartoons. Something that upset Støjberg who said that Avdic’s statements was actually threats of terrorism.

Avdic then said to Støjberg that she will be punished in hell according to Allah.”

French Train Crash:

Rescue Workers Attacked by “Jeunes” Who Were Looting Corpses

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
This train crash has been extensively reported by the mainstream media. Less widely reported is the fact that “jeunes”, French journalist code for Muslims, attacked the rescue workers and looted the corpses of the victims.
“Sick terrorists”
A terror attack on a Tipton mosque failed to kill or maim hundreds of innocent worshippers because Friday prayers had been moved back one hour due to Ramadan. (Source)
Malaysia: Allah is not G-D!
Archbishop Marino was reported yesterday as praising the local Catholic church for championing the right of Christians to use the world ‘Allah’ to refer to God.   A coalition of Malay Muslim NGOs today urged the government to “chase away” the Vatican ambassador to Malaysia because using the world ‘Allah’ proved that the ambassador has “bad intentions”.
A little history:
Your Money or Your Sons  (Money Jihad)

“The Christians in Bosnia were long-suffering victims of the Muslim Ottoman tax system including the wicked devshirme and the jizya.”– TROP: How Ottomans taxed Christian Bosnians

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  1. allah is a big bully – if you don’t worship it then it gets all sociopathic and wants to torture you and sic one of its jihadists after you… because it really isn’t a ‘god’ but ol’ moe moe the pedo’s alter ego. (in malignant narcissism, allah was nothing but moe’s superego)

  2. So what if Støjberg is going to hell, whats it to Advic, other then cheap electioneering.

    By the way, what is it with this new propaganda surrounding Ramadan, that any criticism of Islam “creates racism and terrorism, especially now during Ramadan.”

    That’s twice, I have read similar phrases surrounding criticism Muslims/Islam during Ramadan equals pain and suffering for Muslims in Europe. Read similar tripe in two different European papers.

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