Arab Logic: “Censorship does not restrict freedoms”

Arab Logic in the Hashemite kingdom:

BBC gets one of its facts on “Palestine” right


But imagine my shock when I heard – amid this feast of West-bashing and pandering to Arab grudges – the mention, en passant, of the non-existence of any “Palestine” prior to the 1920s. So unlike the Beeb to let this one slip. At roughly 6 minutes 20 seconds into the programme, the presenter and historian are perusing a pre-World War I map of the Middle East:

Presenter: What was this area called at that time?
Historian: Well, it wasn’t called any of the names we know it as today. It wasn’t Syria and it wasn’t Palestine, particularly. These were Western names, and Roman names sometimes, we used to refer to this part of the world, but at that time it was all just part of the Ottoman Empire.


Disgraced Former British MP Blames ‘Zionist Lobby’ for Iran Satellite TV Ban

Disgraced British politician  Paki turd Lord Nazir Ahmed blamed the “Zionist lobby” for a U.S. decision to extend sanctions against Iran to international satellite television companies, which will drop all Iranian programming, regime television channel Press TV reported, quoting Ahmed.

Lord Ahmed, a member of the House of Lords, and Baroness Warsi from Britain's House of Lords address the media in Khartoum

As usual, he just can’t help it.

Lord Ahmed says prison sentence for texting while driving due to pressure on court by Jews who “own newspapers, television.”

Lord Ahmed Learns To Replace Word “Jewish” With “Zionist”

Remember British politician Lord Ahmed, who spoke of a Jewish conspiracy after being jailed for causing a deadly road accident while texting behind the wheel? He subsequently ”completely and unreservedly” apologised to “the Jewish community” for the remarks.

I’m beginning to think that apology wasn’t so sincere.  (Aussie Dave)

4 thoughts on “Arab Logic: “Censorship does not restrict freedoms””

  1. Since ZION is only an old name for Israel, all “Zionists” are Israeli nationalists, and so cannot be part of any globalist conspiracy. ALL globalization conspiracies are by definition treason to ALL sovereign national countries, their governments, and their citizenries.

    But you do still all have both the right, and the responsibility, to become slaves of allah, so in this way, yes, censorship of non-allah-approved nonsense is indeed the freedom to remain self-enslaved to allah.

    Conversion to islam is always a free-will choice! SUBMIT, OR DIE!


    1. The important part of Mercca, the Kabba and it’s Aswad (black poopie-stone) contents, are so cheap and primitive (it’s really nothing more than a small brown-brick shit-house under that cloth) that any destruction could be repaired, or the thing rebuilt entirely by a small team of monkeys, in under an hour. So there’s really no point in destroying it, except maybe by some sort of engineered metor storm (which sort of thing has deep ‘religious’ meaning to them)!


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