David Camoron’s Embarrassing ‘Holy Month of Ramadan’ Blather Fuels the Jihad

David Camoron’s – Ramadan Cocksuckery

Nick Clegg tries to outdo him:

There seems to be a competition in “bend over and spread ’em….”

Here’s Ed of the Milibandits blathering about “a time to reflect on the values we all share…”

Ed Miliband Welcomes Ramadan at Dinner Hosted by Islamic “Charity” With Ties to Hamas Terror Group

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Islamic Relief has demonstrable ties to Hamas and other radical jihad groups. But this doesn’t stop British politicians associating themselves with it or gifting it taxpayer cash, as documented in this article from the Gatestone Institute.

The Leader of the Labour Party, a former Archbishop of Canterbury and a leading political and social commentator all paid tribute to the work of Islamic Relief at the launch of the charity’s War on Hunger campaign on July 4. Ed Miliband, Dr Rowan Williams and Mehdi Hasan were the keynote speakers at an Islamic Relief dinner in central London to welcome the holy month of Ramadan and promote the new campaign.

Ed Miliband said: “I want to congratulate Islamic Relief on its campaign on the War on Hunger. It’s an important campaign because it looks beyond conflict – whether it’s in Syria or in Afghanistan or elsewhere – and it asks the question that all right-minded people would ask, which is: ‘What can we do to make a difference to the most vulnerable people in this country?’

“After the financial crisis, the world is due a reckoning about how it is run. I hope, ladies and gentlemen, that you can be part of this campaign, which actually makes a big argument about the justice this world needs.”

Dr Rowan Williams – now a life peer and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge – applauded Islamic Relief for its commitment to protecting the poor and vulnerable against natural disasters rather than waiting until disaster strikes to provide aid. “It is time for all our relief and aid agencies to move away from being simply reactive,” said Dr Williams, who is chair of trustees for the charity Christian Aid. “We are not simply problem solvers and we are not ambulance services. We are called upon to take an initiative for the sake of the human dignity in which we all believe.”

The former Archbishop added: “Our faiths have at their heart a vision of the kind of community in which each person is gifted by God to serve every other. That deeply challenging and deeply exciting vision is what we are here to celebrate this evening. In this Ramadan campaign I wish you every blessing and every success.”

Mehdi Hasan, Political Editor of the Huffington Post, praised Islamic Relief for helping both Muslims and non-Muslims – including victims of the Haitian earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese tsunami. He was loudly applauded when he said: “As a British Muslim who has long been fed up of having my faith and my community demonised and distorted, I am proud to be here tonight supporting the selfless humanitarian work done by Islamic Relief, especially on the eve of this important month of Ramadan. We Muslims are often instructed to be ambassadors for our faith, and if that’s the case then the men and women who work so hard at Islamic Relief UK and for Islamic Relief across the world are among the best ambassadors of our faith.”

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and give over £100 million to charity as they think about those less fortunate than themselves – including the hungry. Islamic Relief receives around a third of its annual income during Ramadan.

“Ramadan is not just about you and God and your plate,” Mehdi Hasan explained. “It’s about you and others. Doors are flung open, friendships are rekindled, family ties are rejuvenated. And newcomers are welcome too. When people from different faiths and backgrounds get together to share – whether it’s sharing beliefs, sharing ideas, sharing food – that’s the best way to break down barriers, to understand your fellow man, to fight prejudice and stereotyping and bigotry.”

Islamic Relief has launched a hard-hitting fundraising campaign for Ramadan, urging the Muslim community and the wider public to look beyond the politics of war and terrorism and support its life-saving and life-changing work in the midst of conflict in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. The campaign includes eye-catching ‘It’s war’ billboards, newspaper and online advertising and television and cinema ads.

“Today we are declaring war on hunger,” said Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide, as he introduced the campaign with our UK Director Jehangir Malik. “We are asking all those who have the same values as Islamic Relief to work together to help those who cannot help themselves.”

The final speaker of the evening was Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Justice Secretary and a long-time Islamic Relief supporter. He commended not only the War on Hunger campaign and the “phenomenal and very important work” of Islamic Relief, but also the charity’s decision to spare a thought for those living below the poverty line in the UK this Ramadan. Islamic Relief is collecting food through local mosques and its network of shops to distribute to poor families through food banks around the country.

An informed reader comments:

Islamic Law forbids Moslems from giving Zakat (‘charity’ or ‘alms’ to a non-Moslem as stated in the ‘Umdat al-Salik, Islamic Manual certified by Al-Azhar University, Cairo as a correct representation of Islamic Law for orthodox Sunni Moslems (the Sunnis comprise 80-85% of worldwide Moslem population):

In specifying the uses to which Zakat is to be put:

“H8.24 It is not permissible to give Zakat to a non-Muslim, or to someone whom one is obliged to support (def. M12.1), such as a wife or family member.”

However, one of the eight uses for which Zakat is intended is Da’wa (proselytisation) which is also meant for ‘reconciling’ non-Moslems to Islam:

“Those to be reconciled include:
-1- the chief personages of a people (O: with weak Islamic intentions) whose Islam may be expected to improve or whose peers may be expected to enter Islam;

-2- or the heads of a people who collect Zakat for us from Muslims living near them who refuse to pay it, or who fight an enemy for us at considerable expense and trouble to themselves”

And also amongst the eight uses for which Zakat is intended:

“fighting in the Cause of Allah” (JIHAD, “warfare to establish the rellgion”).

In summary, Moslem ‘charity’ helps to fund Jihad against all non-Moslems, in order to force them to ‘islam’ (‘submission’ in Arabic); it is also used to bribe non-Moslem leaders of countries whose people are not yet in ‘islam’ but who are targetted for it; it also gives financial ‘largesse’ to non-Moslem leaders who use their own peoples and armies to wage wars for Moslems and Islamic interests. Also, any foreign aid by a Western country to a Moslem one will be regarded as coming under the rules for use of Zakat (‘charity’) and can, will, and has in the past, been used to fund Jihad (several years ago, Britain gave Pakistan millions in aid which the Pakis partly used to fund a plan to have explosives on a plane from Britain to the US, either with the intention of exploding it in mid-Atlantic or waiting until it was over the US for maximum devastation; the plan was foiled before take-off).

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    1. The scumbag traitorous scum are in Westminster to protect their assets, not us peasants. Case closed, we do not figure in the outcome of islamization of OLD BLIGHTY!!!

  1. I look forward to Islamic Relief. The sooner this country is relieved of Islam the better.

  2. Islamic relief serves Muslims. When world disasters strike the red crescent seems to be absent. When will idiot politicians and church leaders tell the truth, that’s the least we can expect from people who are supposed to do just thst and serve the electorate and not themselves. I just could not listen to Cameron or the idiot Clegg

  3. What an utterly disgusting pair of snivelling, grovelling, traitorous, moslem-loving, islam worshipping imbeciles. They are lucky that the majority of Brits are comatose or they might have met the fate they deserve – eg Brievik style.

    They are unbelievable. They are not fit to be British politicians. They should be locked up in an asylum for the rest of their miserable little lives. Rot in Hell, both of you.

    1. This New World Order is not a conspiracy, just look at every country in the world. TOTALITARIANISM!!!

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