Evidence “criminal act” (Islamic terror?) may have led to Canada train crash

Ezra Levant on the possibility of enviro-terrorists involvement in the Quebec railway disaster. 

Well, you know who tried before. Being  notorious racist-bigot-Islamophobes, we just can’t resist asking the question if the soldiers of allah were successful in their holy duty to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemies’ this time:

Lac-Megantic, Quebec (CNN) — Canadian authorities have found evidence that a criminal act may have led to a train crash in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that killed at least 15 people, provincial police Capt. Michel Forget said Tuesday.



Indian Mujahideen claim credit for Buddhist temple jihad blasts, says Mumbai will be next jihad target

“Our next target is Mumbai. Stop us if you can. Seven days left.”

Israel to Obama: Stop being so naive on Egypt

With all due respect to the unnamed Israeli official, he’s not naive. He’s complicit.

Middle eastern journalists and activists fed up with Al Jazeera’s pro Muslim Brotherhood Bias. Throws them out of press conferences etc.

According to Lebanon’s Daily Star, the public has taken to calling the news network derogatorily “Al Jazeera Ikhwan,” which means “Al Jazeera Brotherhood.”  (Vlad)

Paki government: U.S. raid that killed Osama was “act of war”

Declare it, then. At least then it will be clear what has been clear to everyone outside the fantasists and clowns in the U.S. Government for many years now: that you’re not on our side, but on the side of the global jihad.

New jihad group says Morsi’s ouster “a war declared against Islam in Egypt,” vows violence to reimpose Islamic rule

Democracy? An infidel system!

Resisting Islam is also an ‘act of war’, because it forces Muslims to murder you……

Islamic supremacist groups: Fall of Morsi shows that “change comes by the bullet alone; NOT the ballot”

And “the truth that is apparent to every reasonable person is that it is a war declared against Islam in Egypt,” which means more violence is in the offing.

Andrew Bolt links:

Of course the boats can be stopped, despite what so many journalists of the Left prefer to believe:

INDONESIA could do much more to stem the flow of asylum seeker through their territory and could easily shut down people smuggling operations, a former senior army officer says.

4 thoughts on “Evidence “criminal act” (Islamic terror?) may have led to Canada train crash”

  1. It could be Muslim terrorists; it could be eco-freak terrorists; it could be both working in collaboration.

    I just don’t think this was an accident.

  2. It seems highly likely that the crash was by design, and not accident. islamists will be significantly high on the list of suspects – we have caught enough of these pathetic loosers trying to harm innocent people. HOWEVER, let the police do their job without interference from PC politicians and left-wing bleeding hearts. If it can be shown that, without significant doubt, muslims were responsible then an appropriate response needs to be framed and prosecuted – a course of action that protects the community and removes the risk of further threat – this is for the community alone to decide and it is not the task of individuals to take action on behalf of the community. If islamists are guilty then the community has the resources to either put them away for ever or destroy them – but this must be done through the framework of law.

  3. Given that Muslims perpetrate about 90%+ of the terrorism on the planet, they’re always suspect. Railroads are extremely vulnerable.

  4. It’s looking like the rail company was indeed at fault.

    It was their SOP to park the trains, leave them running, and then have the engineers take a cab to a hotel for the night.

    Apparently, the trains must be kept running in order for their brakes to keep working.

    There WS a fire, but it isn’t known if it was deliberately set, or an accident; either way, when the firemen arrived and put it out, it was THEY who then shut off the train, (which disengaged the train’s brakes) thus setting the whole crash and explosion in motion.

    It’s small consolation to them that they had phoned the rail company for instructions, but only got their minimum wage student hire night staff, who were salesmen, not engineers, and who told them to shut off the train. Again: the moronic retards at the company’s fault, mostly.

    The only remainng question is: who or what originally started the small fire?

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