Egypt: Crisis or Meltdown?

Only on CNN:

Shock horror: 

‘Muslim Brotherhood claims interim Egyptian president is Jewish’

Of course. He has to be. Otherwise he wouldn’t resist the soldiers of allah.

Mansour is “considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect.”

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Al Jazeera backers are responding to the overthrow of Morsi with all the maturity and grace you would expect–  Read More »


This is basically a “rain is wet” or “dog bites man” story. Mass protests overthrow a Muslim Brotherhood regime. Obviously it was the work of the Jews.

What is happening on the land of Egypt is an intercontinental conspiracy…. blah blah….

Muslim Brotherhood/Al Jazeera Claims “Egypt is Now Ruled by Jews and Christians”

That’s not working too well for them:

Clashes erupt near Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Supporters and opponents of ousted President Morsi engage in running street battles on capital’s 6th October Bridge.

Three of the victims were Morsi supporters who were killed by gunfire as a crowd of several hundred tried to march towards the military barracks after the Friday afternoon prayer in Cairo where he is believed to be held.


“…the Egyptian military has a well-defined role: to protect the sovereignty, security and stability of the country. Not to promote democracy. By definition and by its own organisational structure, a military is anything but democratic; in fact, it’s necessarily authoritarian and hierarchical in its operation. Furthermore, in Egypt, the military also has economic interests, special privileges for its top brass, and a very powerful role to protect in any future political configuration of the country. (Marwan Bishara)

Fruitloops R’US:

Feds Cite Sequester for Canceled Military Fireworks Displays


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  1. Yes, clearly Egypt is populated by 22 million Jews, who all signed the petition asking the military to replace the Jihad Brothers. Jews, I sez!


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